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As one of the nation’s premier addiction, co-occurring, and mental health treatment organizations, we know that these concerns impact your entire family system. Whether you are a patient or a concerned loved one, many of us have been where you are—and we know that taking the first step is challenging.

From our first contact, we place you at the center of our care while supporting everyone affected within the family system. From intensive clinical and medical interventions to life skills and emotional support, our team is passionate about developing multidisciplinary treatment plans to help you and your loved ones find freedom and peace of mind.

Perhaps this is your first experience with treatment, or perhaps you’ve had many treatment experiences. Every person is unique, and Origins offers safe and effective addictive substance treatment in Palm Beach, FL, South Padre Island, TX and Dallas, TX.

Our centers incorporate varied programming across the entire continuum of care, including detox, outpatient, and residential levels of support—each of which earned a three-year drug rehab accreditation from CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities).

Who Needs Help Overcoming Addiction or Mental Health Concerns?


Are you suffering from addiction or struggling with your mental health? We understand. At Origins Behavioral HealthCare, we have infused the latest medical research with wisdom from our own personal experiences to create a holistic approach to total healing. We designed our curriculum with you in mind to deliver an impassioned, comprehensive approach to helping you find wellness.

Everyone was so genuine and truly cared about my well-being. I am so grateful that I was given the opportunity to go to Origins and I am EXTREMELY grateful for each and every individual who works there, because of them I am able to live a happy fulfilled life today and be present for my family.

Your Loved One

Is your loved one struggling to recover or facing mental health concerns? If your loved one is afflicted with alcoholism, addiction, or other mental health concerns, you have come to the right place. Our programs are based on the knowledge that a patient’s prospects for sustained healing are improved significantly when the family is involved in treatment.

Origins provides the best atmosphere for your loved ones and any person seeking recovery for their alcohol and drug addiction The staff, counselors, and medical professionals all have their own personal experiences with this disease and bring a spiritual principal that is all-inclusive for a positive beginning to recovery. The accommodations and food is top notch to make you feel safe and comfortable during your entire stay.

Your Patient

Are you a referring professional seeking more information about Origins Behavioral HealthCare? Effective and ongoing collaboration throughout the treatment process is central to our programming. We look forward to answering your questions and involving you in your patient’s care as much as desired.

I have been referring clients to Origins programs for well over a decade. Their program has depth of service, well trained clinicians, a commitment to meet individual client needs and a variety of services. I have never been disappointed.

Individualized, Patient-Driven

We offer age-specific, patient-driven care with gender-separate and gender-specific treatment options for those who want to recover from substance use disorders (SUDs). Our expert team also offers mental health services at both the residential and outpatient levels for those struggling with individual mental health concerns or co-occurring disorders. Each of our facilities caters to your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual needs.


Will Family Programming Help My Family Heal?

Age-Specific Options for Addiction Treatment

Our experience has shown that our patients have better outcomes when grouped according to life experience and personalities. Origins Behavioral HealthCare offers comprehensive, individualized addiction treatment programs for early adults, adults, and older adults. We understand the unique challenges each age group faces when battling addiction, and we place you with like-minded peers during your care. This allows you to relate to the generational issues that can impact your view of the world and recovery.

Gender-Specific and Gender-Separate Options for Addiction Treatment

Men and women often have different social pressures, life experiences, and challenges that can influence the recovery process. Origins’ gender-specific and gender-separate treatment options are based on professional experience and clinical data that demonstrate the separation of men and women into their own milieus can substantially improve outcomes. If you are looking for safe and supportive therapy in a gender-separate environment, we are here to help.

Platinum Substance Use Treatment Options for Professionals

Origins offers an extraordinary, clinically driven option for executives, their loved ones, and individuals in the professional service sector for whom addiction issues threaten their livelihoods. This includes physicians, entrepreneurs, lawyers, pilots, therapists, dentists, and their families, who often occupy different spheres of influence in their daily lives. We are prepared to support you if you identify as a person needing the utmost comfort, privacy, and flexibility. Our clinical staff draws on a deep understanding of your unique circumstances and the requirements of discerning executive-level individuals.

Residential Mental Health Services

While addiction and other mental health disorders may co-occur, many people struggle with mental health concerns independent of a substance use disorder. Because of this, we offer a standalone residential program that is tailored to help you manage the symptoms of complex mental health disorders. This intimate residential program is situated on our tropical campus at the Hanley Center in Florida and maintains its own safe environment and behavioral health staff. We also offer outpatient mental health services at both our West Palm Beach, FL, and Dallas, TX, locations.

Every person faces unique challenges on their path to finding whole-self wellness. We understand that no two people are the same, and each person deserves a solution that works for them. Our centers in West Palm Beach, FL, and Dallas, TX, provide lifesaving outpatient care and specialized therapies to help people from all walks of life find freedom from substance use and co-occurring mental health disorders for men, women, and families.

If you or your loved one is struggling, we are here to provide you with a path to healing. Call today at 561-841-1296 to speak with one of our admission specialists.

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