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Recovery Is a Lifelong Process

At Origins, we offer ongoing support for every step of the journey. Our Alumni Services Team provides a range of dedicated services to every patient at Origins. These services begin upon admission and last a lifetime. From leading groups on campus to spearheading our Alumni Reunions, our team is passionate about motivating our alum as they invest in recovery and in one another.

A Smooth Transition

We know that ongoing accountability is a vital component of recovery from addiction. We aim to integrate this into the Origins experience from the onset of treatment. Our goal is to prepare each patient for success, which reaches far beyond Origins’ peaceful surroundings. Our Alumni Services Team offers phone and in-person support to graduates as they embark on the adventure of joining the recovery community at large.

Your Alumni Specialist

Each of our patients is assigned an Alumni Specialist who is able to address their long-term needs on an individual basis. Though interaction with our Alumni Services Team extends long past discharge from Origins’ program, we know that developing a trusting relationship with that specialist while in treatment is a crucial component of patient care. Origins’ Alumni Services Team members are available on campus to attend to the individual needs of each patient’s recovery and to learn about their personal stories.

A Nationwide Network Of Support

Maintaining connections with fellow alum can provide a spirit of togetherness while traveling the road to freedom. For this reason, Origins’ patients are invited to take part in Origins’ alumni events and services geared towards motivating our graduates. We welcome patients at every stage of their recovery to walk alongside others seeking freedom from addiction.
Please click below for resources created specifically for Origins alumni and their families:

Origins’ Own Alumni App

Throughout the recovery journey, there may be times when former patients feel isolated and alone. During these challenging times, we offer inspiration and motivation through a supportive community available at your fingertips. Origins’ own app, “Origins Connect,” allows our alumni the opportunity to celebrate their victories and share their struggles along the way.

Along with community, our app also offers a robust library of content to encourage and entertain. Integrations with other platforms such as YouTube and SoundCloud allow us to easily share powerful videos or podcasts. These valuable resources help Origins continue to support each alumnus through continuing care and beyond.

Key features of our alumni app, Origins Connect, include:

  • A way for users to keep track of their progress
  • A safe, private way for Origins’ alumni to share their journey and support others in theirs
  • A way to discretely reach out to experts at our facility
  • A social media platform that’s catered to recovery and healing
  • A library of resources for support and encouragement

Alumni Meetings, Events, and Aftercare Services

Find out how you can connect with our staff and fellow alum at our Alumni Meetings and Events.

Daily Inspirations

Origins’ Daily Inspiration series offers ongoing meditations and reflections for people in recovery from substance use and their families. Browse our content, share on social media, and be sure to check back daily for the next meditation.

Alumni Services Team Members

Meet Origins’ dedicated team of Alumni Services staff members

Ways to Get Involved

Want to sign up for our Alumni Newsletter? Hoping to celebrate your anniversary with us? Find out about opportunities to stay connected.

Alumni Newsletter

Our quarterly Alumni Newsletter with updates from the entire alumni team.

Fun in Sobriety

Yes, there’s fun ahead in sobriety. True fun.