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Welcome to Origins. It’s time to reach out to us.

Calling us may seem difficult, especially in a time of crisis. Please be reassured that our compassionate and understanding Admissions Specialists have assisted thousands of families and individuals through this process. We have a wealth of experience and unique resources to help facilitate a smooth transition as you or your loved one enter Origins. Decisions like the one you’ve just made don’t always happen during the “work day” so the Origins admissions office answers calls around the clock. We stand ready to assist you during your critical time of need. We know how to help when no one else can. You can come back from the edge; you can reclaim your life, but you must call now. 1(844) 843-8935.

What can I expect when I call?

A confidential telephone assessment will be conducted with all individuals and families seeking admission to Origins. This important conversation will help us determine if Origins is the most appropriate center for you or your loved one. During this call we will also help answer all of your questions regarding Origins. The goal is to make certain that The Origins Experience™ will meet your individual needs and circumstances that best lead to the path of recovery.

Can Origins help me with my travel arrangements?

Absolutely. We understand the difficulties traveling may present for you. Origins Admissions Specialists are trained to personally coordinate all of the details of your trip for you. Whether you require a private car to the airport or special airline arrangements, we’re here to help. Origins can even provide a “sober escort” to join you on your trip from your home, if necessary. You have enough on your plate. Call us today for assistance in making these special arrangements.

It’s time to take action. It’s time to get well.

Click HERE to access the online admissions form to inquire now. One of our qualified Admissions Specialists will respond quickly or call us at 1-844-U-GET-WELL (844-843-8935) .

Our admissions team is available 24/7.