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  • “I entered Origins, completely broken and hopeless, quite near death and with little belief that I could be helped. I had been to several drug treatment facilities before (seven in total), and I always relapsed promptly upon discharge. However, there was something quite different about my experience at Origins that made it dissimilar to any other drug rehab I had been to previously. I knew when I left that I had finally attained permanent sobriety. In fact, as of this writing, I just reached 18 months of continuous sobriety, and I could not be happier. I attribute the dedication of the Origins staff and the caring and competent manner in which they took care of me as the largest factors within my ability to recover from a previously hopeless state of being.” - Frederick J, from NYC

  • “I am truly and eternally grateful to Origins Recovery Centers for giving me my husband back. His chronic relapsing had gotten so bad that when he began physically deteriorating during the course of his last relapse, I actually found myself quite ashamed that I was beginning to become relieved at the notion of his death; he created such utter despair and turmoil within my life and the rest of his family when he was in the midst of using.  Origins was pretty much our last hope, and now that he has returned, completely happy and healthy and finally willing to actually live a sober life of recovery, I can easily say that the decision to send my husband to Origins was the very best decision I have ever made in my entire life.” - Susan F from Portland

  • “I have worked within the field of Addiction Medicine for a number of decades, and I can say that I have never encountered a level of dedication on par with that of the Origins Recovery Centers' staff. If a loved one of mine were ever to fall prey to the horrible affliction of addiction, I would send them to Origins in a heartbeat.” - J. Westheimer, MD

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