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Why Don’t People Seek Treatment?

Posted on April 2, 2019

Why Don't People Seek Treatment?

Life does come with real responsibilities that can make taking time for treatment a challenge. We have jobs, family, friends, social circles, and many other areas of our life which demand our time, energy, and focus. However, when we’re honest with ourselves about the toll addiction is taking on our lives, we can see clearly, if only for a moment, that these time-consuming responsibilities are negatively affected by the amount of time we invest in our addiction. Numerous spiritual sayings exist which essentially say the same thing about time: there’s no time like the present.

I Can’t Afford Treatment

If we don’t have an insurance plan which offers us a substantial benefit coverage for behavioral health or mental health care, attending a treatment program of any kind has the potential to be quite costly. Thankfully, there are many options for covering the cost of treatment. Many care providers have scholarships available, as well as payment plans and financing. There are websites online that can help you to raise funds, there are external scholarships available, and there is the goodwill of friends and family, among many other options. If treatment is necessary to us, we can and we will find a way to cover the financial cost. In the end, when we invest in treatment to recover from addiction, we are investing in the betterment of our chance to be and stay alive.

I Have Better Things To Do

Why go to treatment when there is a whole life to be lived outside of treatment walls? Rationalizing our way out of treatment is easy to do. We don’t want to take the time, we don’t want to miss out on life outside, and we aren’t sure that sobriety is really better than continuing using. Under the influence of drugs and alcohol, we are unable to see the simple truth that dedicating a few weeks or months to treatment is a profoundly small time to ask of ourselves compared to the rest of our lives. We can continue living in pain and anguish by the hands of addiction, or we can recover from addiction and live our lives with more happiness, joy, and freedom.

I Can Quit On My Own/I Can Stop Whenever I Want To

One of the most common reasons we don’t seek treatment for addiction is because we think we are in control of our addiction and that our life is still manageable. We don’t feel that there is anything needing to be “treated”. Our addiction is in our control- we can stop whenever we want and quit on our own without the help of others. Tragically, this delusion too often leads to overdose, decades of abuse, and sickness which results from prolonged addiction.


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