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Changing Our Emotional Response to Relapse

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  How we respond to the challenges that arise in our recovery, such as relapse, can make all the difference in whether we stay on track with our sobriety goals or continue to fall off the wagon. Our emotions play a huge role in our behaviors. When we’re shaming ourselves for relapsing, for example, we’re… Read On »

Coping with Relapse

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  The journey of recovery will inevitably bring us huge challenges, times of self-doubt and worry, and difficult obstacles to overcome. We will question our ability to stay the course. We will doubt whether or not we have the strength to stay sober. We’ll feel down on ourselves and disappointed in ourselves for the mistakes… Read On »

Should You Go Back into Treatment After a Relapse?

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Relapses are unfortunately common during addiction recovery. Anywhere between 40 and 60 percent of people will relapse at some point in their first year after treatment. Some even go so far as to say that relapse is part of recovery. Others say that expecting a relapse only sets you up for failure. And there are… Read On »