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Mental Health

Connecting With The Senses: A Summer Mindfulness Practice

Posted on July 20, 2020

Summertime is one of the loveliest and most magical times of the year. Warmer weather, sunny days, and more hours of light make summer a… Read On »

Pleasure And The Brain: The Neuroscience Of Why We Seek Dopamine

Posted on June 3, 2019

  All of our experiences in life are chemically based, meaning, that our brain releases chemicals, specifically chemical messengers, and those chemicals interact with different… Read On »

The Joy of Boundaries

Posted on April 15, 2019

Boundaries are the invisible rolls of caution tape we put up around our limitations emotionally, mentally, financially, and physically. Though others can’t see our boundaries,… Read On »

Learning To Take A Deep Breath

Posted on April 5, 2019

Check in to your breathing, right this moment. When was the last time you consciously forced yourself to become conscious of your breath or your… Read On »

Why is Self-Love Critical for Recovery?

Posted on March 25, 2019

Those of us living with addiction and mental health issues are no strangers to insecurity and low self-esteem. We lack the confidence and sense of… Read On »

Why Spring Cleaning is Good for Your Mental Health

Posted on February 18, 2019

With the weather getting nicer, it’s a good time to consider giving your house a thorough cleaning. This may be the last thing you feel… Read On »