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Origins Behavioral Healthcare: Origins Center for Brain Recovery in Florida
Origins Behavioral Healthcare: Origins Center for Brain Recovery in Florida


“Holistic treatment” is a modern buzzword in the addiction treatment community. Mounting research is showing that the mind, body, and spirit are closely intertwined, and many recovery centers are adopting holistic methods that aim to help their patients restore physical, psychological and spiritual health and balance.

At Origins Behavioral Healthcare, we know and appreciate the myriad benefits of this approach — but we also want to provide our patients with distinct, effective treatments grounded in medical, clinical, and scientific evidence.

We founded Florida’s Origins Center for Brain Recovery (CBR) in Florida to ensure we remain on the leading edge of mind-body research while we continuously improve our holistically informed care. CBR incorporates principles from the growing and interrelated disciplines of health psychology and psychoneuroimmunology (PNI), which focus on studying the many ways that mental and physical health interact. Through the efforts of CBR, we are able to apply the latest evidence-based techniques in our addiction and mental health treatments. In turn, we can offer our patients a meaningful recovery experience that gives them a strong foundation for lifelong sobriety through physical health, mental wellness, and spiritual strength.

The Science Behind CBR

Addiction is medically classified as a disease of the brain, but we also know that it affects, and is affected by, the entire body and each person’s environment. This principle of interconnectivity extends beyond the field of addiction treatment: broader areas in healthcare from neurology to gastroenterology are embracing the idea that physical and mental well-being are not as distinct as we once believed. The fields of health psychology and PNI have emerged as a means of studying the mind-body connection more closely.

Health psychology and PNI recognize that human beings are not separate sets of independent parts (heart, lung, brain, etc.), but rather an incredible system made up of smaller, interdependent systems.

Each of these systems is impacted by the rest, and though it often goes unnoticed, the brain is a key player in this process — since our brain oversees and regulates the rest of the body, brain health impacts every system involved in physical health.

With this essential knowledge in mind, we can expand the conversation about brain health to encompass more than just having a brain free from physical injury. Brain health now includes how we feel, what we think, what we put into our bodies, our personal spirituality, how we connect with (or disconnect from) life and more.

Addiction and Mental Health Treatment with CBR

When an individual suffers from addiction, each of these areas of brain health become compromised. Feelings tend to be centered on shame, anger, and fear. Thoughts become self-destructive rather than self-affirming. Physical health is neglected via poor nutrition and exercise habits. Spiritual connection is often lost in doubt or loneliness or, for some, was never a conscious part of life.

When we apply principles of health psychology and PNI to addiction recovery, we can see a broader picture of the specific factors that influence addiction, as well as achieve a better understanding of how to treat addiction and mental health through multiple avenues. We can also break down the symptoms of addiction – such as unhealthy coping mechanisms, isolation, or low self-esteem – into smaller, more concrete systems-related problems. Through this approach, our team has the tools to carefully evaluate each patient and tailor their treatment specifically to their experience with substance use.

The Neurological and Psychological Challenges of Addiction

Addiction is frequently accompanied by neurological and psychological challenges, such as co-occurring or “dual diagnosis” disorders. Recent surveys estimate at least 45% of Americans who struggle with a substance use disorder also struggle with a mental health concern; recovery professionals know that co-occurring disorders can influence and exacerbate each other, which makes successful treatment more challenging. CBR services are specifically designed to acknowledge the connection between addiction and mental health disorders and to provide treatment that addresses both concerns at once, offering our patients a better chance at long-lasting recovery. Whether a patient has a diagnosed mental health disorder or they are struggling with various symptoms, treatment at Origins through CBR can be seamlessly adapted to incorporate treatment for a variety of disorders that commonly present alongside addiction, including:

Our professional staff is qualified to help our patients discover and diagnose any accompanying disorders. They provide exceptional treatment that targets the root of mental health concerns rather than temporarily relieving symptoms. We believe that recovery is more than simply not using alcohol and other drugs. It is about being healthy and able to grow and thrive: body, mind, and spirit. The best way to accomplish this is through the kind of integrated, evidence-based and personalized care available through CBR.

CBR: What to Expect

At Origins Behavioral Healthcare, every patient attending our Florida programs works with CBR to address co-occurring disorders or any mental health symptoms that arise alongside addiction. CBR services are integrated into our residential, transitional and intensive outpatient treatment programs at Hanley Center and Headwaters. They are also available in specific individual and group sessions at our CBR offices in Florida.

Your CBR team is led by a licensed psychologist and includes CBR specialists in Florida who facilitate services and experiential therapy activities.

Each CBR patient receives a personalized suite of treatments designed to address their specific background, lifestyle, experience with addiction, mental health symptoms and physical health history. Treatment plans can be modified and customized to create effective interventions for a range of concerns; examples include:

  • Stress and anxiety management through biofeedback and breathing techniques
  • Neurofeedback to detect brain activity and guide brain retraining
  • Sleep program protocols to help patients naturally regulate healthy sleeping patterns
  • Neurotherapy with the BioAcoustical Utilization device (BAUD) for pain, depression, anxiety, smoking cessation, and negative thoughts and behaviors
  • Self-esteem work through cognitive behavioral therapies
  • Improved awareness and cognition through meditation programming, including progressive muscle relaxation, guided imagery meditation, and mindfulness training

Our specific therapies and services include:

  • Psychological testing and review
  • Individual and group psychotherapy
  • Neurofeedback
  • Muse EEG
  • Meditation and mindfulness training
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Neurotherapy
  • BioAcoustical Utilization device (BAUD)
  • Individual and group psychotherapy
  • Biofeedback
    • emWave

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