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12-Step Recovery

Addiction is a chronic, neurobiological disease that affects the mind, body, and spirit. Like other chronic diseases, it is a progressive illness, and, if left untreated, it can be fatal. But there is real hope for recovery and a new, more fulfilling life.

Support in sobriety and in attaining long-lasting recovery is found in 12-Step practice and regular participation in 12-Step programs and groups. These groups are designed for people with alcoholism and other addictions, as well as their family members and loved ones. The philosophy is based on developing a relationship with a Higher Power and a helping fellowship that encourages an honest mindset and altruism. 12-Step fellowships facilitate a daily practice for sober and healthy living.

A Seamless Integration of Medical, Clinical, and Spiritual Services

At Origins, our goal is seamlessly integrate cutting-edge, evidence-based medical, clinical, and spiritual services within the timeless 12-Step model. We understand that quality treatment addresses all aspects of the person, including the spiritual components of wellness. The 12-Steps are a spiritual program of action that can change our perceptions, and bring new purpose into our lives. By connecting with a deeper sense of meaning, those of us in recovery are able to positively impact the lives of those around us.

We have found in clinical treatment that the 12-Step philosophy is a vital part of permanent sobriety. When a person maintains a 12-Step practice, including getting a sponsor and working with others, recovery is about more than relapse prevention – it is a pathway to an existence that is happy, joyous, and free. The 12-Step program a gateway into long-term recovery. By focusing attention on the 12-Steps, we set our patients up for long-term success. We engage patients in this paradigm because:

  • 12-Step support is a vital foundation for life in sobriety
  • Those who actively work the 12-Steps receive as well as give support
  • Those in 12-Step fellowships enjoy camaraderie without the use of alcohol or other drugs
  • 12-Step support also provides a path to recovery for family members through programs like Al-Anon, Alateen, and Adult Children of Alcoholics

12-Step Practice and Origins’ Workbooks

Origins’ treatment culture is deeply rooted in the 12-Steps which have consistently been shown to be the effective foundation for permanent sobriety in the lives of millions. A passionate emphasis on the 12-Step experience is one of several key programmatic features that sets Origins apart from the majority of treatment providers. Our patients do more than learn about the 12-Steps; they have an authentic, personal experience with them.

The 12-Step philosophy grew out of the development of practice and beliefs crafted by Bill W. and his fellow alcoholics. It is presented in the book, Alcoholics Anonymous (The Big Book). At Origins, we believe that:

  • The 12-Steps are meant to be studied and practiced, not simply read
  • Full engagement in this spiritual program of action leads to sustained recovery
  • 12-Step practices continually bring new understanding and renewal during recovery
  • 12-Step programs are spiritual organizations that offer freedom from the powerlessness of addiction

We have developed an in-depth 12-Step curriculum that features not only Big Book lectures and Step Groups, but a series of Origins’ own 12-Step Workbooks. These workbooks walk our patients through the 12-Step principles in a way that is both educational and immersive. We bring the Big Book to life in a way that empowers and motivates our patients to stay sober for good and for all.

A Spiritual Program, Not a Religious One

The 12-Steps are a spiritual program of action, not a religious one. At Origins, we teach our patients how to connect with a Higher Power of their own understanding that can help guide their thoughts and actions. This means learning to operate by spiritual principles such as honesty, open-mindedness, and willingness. We teach our patients to engage in spiritual practices such as meditation and mindfulness training, that are critical components of 12-Step recovery. Many people struggle with the concept of a Higher Power before they come to Origins. You need not be a religious person to enjoy 12-Step recovery.

Abstinence-Based Recovery Through the 12-Steps

Abstinence-based recovery, as the name suggests, focuses on complete abstinence from drug use, thereby breaking the cycle of addiction and dependency. To achieve remission from the disease of addiction, complete withdrawal of all mind-altering substances, including alcohol, is required. Abstinence-based recovery teaches us how to live a life of freedom that no longer requires us to turn to mood or mind-altering substances in order to help change the way we feel. The 12-Steps are an abstinence-based program that offers a lifeline of support to anyone hoping to recover from addiction.

Support for the Entire Family

12-Step recovery is available not only for the people with addiction, but for the entire family. There are a number of groups based on the 12-Step philosophy, some which focus on the person with a substance use disorder and others which guide families in their own recovery process. The fellowships include:

AA is the most widely available 12-Step program, and meeting times and locations are easily found on the Internet. Our Continuum of Care staff provides recommendations for solution-based meetings with a solid foundation of support. At Origins Behavioral HealthCare, we familiarize our patients with 12-Step meetings during their stay and connect them with 12-Step resources in their own communities.

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