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Women’s Addiction Treatment Centers in Florida & Texas

Women of all walks of life continue to face gender-based pressures, stresses, and worries, which leads to distinct ways of thinking about, reacting to, and interpreting the world. Your female experience remains vastly different from that of men.

As a woman, for example, you continue to be more likely to experience discrimination based on your physical appearance. Women, on average, make less money than men and are more likely to be single parents. Women are also more likely to be victims of assault or abuse and diagnosed with depression or anxiety.

Statistics like these inform how we provide addiction treatment at Origins Behavioral HealthCare. Many of these issues can exacerbate substance use — body image disorders, financial difficulty, burnout, trauma, and mental health disorders are all risk factors for addiction that we see among the women in our programs.

At our women’s addiction treatment centers at Origins, these concerns matter just as much as the symptoms of addiction. We provide care that looks at each woman as a whole person, taking into account your past and the reasons you have arrived at our doors. Our gender-specific women’s treatment programs are created and provided by our talented staff, who understand how the uniquely female perspective influences your needs during recovery. We emphasize support, safety, acceptance, and understanding, allowing you to leave behind the problems that impacted your substance use and look toward a brighter, sober future.

“Dual Diagnosis” Addiction Treatment – Exclusively for Women

Origins Behavioral HealthCare offers two world-class boutique residential programs designed exclusively for women. We combine extraordinary living accommodations in Texas and Florida with sophisticated clinical and medical care. Our residential facilities are comfortable, modern, and in relaxing resort-like locations. Both women’s addiction treatment centers maintain a staff of addiction professionals with years of professional experience treating women like you.

The addiction treatment programs for women at Origins offer comprehensive healing, from detox through continuing care planning. Along with our inpatient rehab for women, we provide specialized treatment for any co-occurring addiction and mental health disorders and can help uncover your underlying mental health disorders that may have been undiagnosed. We work tirelessly to improve the lives of the women in our programs by identifying everything that influences your substance use and by creating a personalized long-term strategy for addiction and mental health management.

Designed with love, care, and clinical expertise, we provide truly nurturing environments where women can safely and comfortably recover under the supervision of our expert physicians, compassionate nurses, gifted therapists, and hand-picked support staff dedicated to the recovery process.

Evidence-Based, Trauma-Informed Women’s Addiction Treatment

In so many aspects, the needs of women are completely different and distinct from those of men. Nowhere is this more evident than within the recovery process. One of the biggest disparities is the number of women we treat who have been the victims of trauma, abuse, or neglect compared to men. The women’s programs at Origins focus on evidence-based, trauma-informed treatment to provide the refuge and healing you need in recovery.

Clinical, Medical, Spiritual – and Always Personal

Our programs harmonize the latest advances in addiction medicine and evidence-based therapeutic interventions with an immersion in the ageless 12-Step experience. Each is designed for women like you who may have unresolved trauma or co-occurring disorders. With deep compassion, we help you or your loved one heal long-standing wounds while building spiritual strength through the 12-Steps. We also pair you with a primary therapist who gets to know you personally and guides you through treatment and beyond. At Origins, our therapists are experienced, masters-level clinicians trained in treating addiction and dual diagnoses, including sexual and physical trauma, disordered eating, self-harm, body-image issues, and other common challenges.

The therapies in our women’s addiction treatment centers leverage Origins’ legacy of superb medical and clinical expertise, including psychiatry, pharmacology, psychotherapy, medical supervision and nursing, physical fitness, spiritual guidance, and more. In addition to individualized intensive clinical treatment, our patients benefit from ongoing interaction with our physicians, physician’s assistants, and nurses. 

A Safe Space

Many of the guests of our women’s inpatient mental health and addiction treatment programs share that they have not felt truly safe in a very long time. At Origins, our community exudes love and healing energy to empower you to feel safe and free to recover in peace without external worries or distracting pressures. In this way, you may reconnect with your authentic self and focus on finding fulfillment in sobriety.

Our women’s addiction treatment programs are offered in two locations:

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Origins Behavioral HealthCare provides a full range of addiction treatment for women ages 18 and up
struggling with substance use, co-occurring disorders, and mental health disorders. We offer detox through residential treatment and beyond. We work with every one of our patients to ensure you get the care you need to feel healthy and confident before returning to everyday life. Before leaving our women’s addiction treatment center programs, our therapists and specialists work with you to create a sustainable continuing care plan to set you on a path to lifelong recovery.

We also offer gender-specific treatment for adult men and age-specific treatment for seniors over 65. We provide executive and professional treatment services through our Headwaters program.

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