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10-Day Clinical Assessment Program

Origins Behavioral HealthCare’s residential addiction programs are designed to treat people with substance use disorders related to alcohol and other drugs. There are times, however, when even clinical and medical professionals working with an individual might be unsure if the person is truly chemically dependent. For those cases, Hanley Center at Origins in tropical West Palm Beach, FL, offers a ten-day Clinical Assessment Program (CAP) to help determine the extent of a person’s condition.


What Is Clinical Assessment?


A clinical assessment is an organized way to collect information and draw conclusions about an individual’s condition and symptoms through observation, interviewing, psychological testing, and neurological testing.


The Origins’ CAP is not for people who simply want to detox or who want a short residential stay. Instead, it is limited to patients whose clinical presentation does not clearly indicate whether or not a full course of residential treatment is necessary.

Patients completing the Clinical Assessment Program receive the following services:

A Comprehensive Overview

On or before day nine, patients are presented with all of the treatment team’s results, findings, and recommendations. Clinical and continuing care staff work with the patient and others involved to facilitate the next steps, which may include extending residential treatment or moving to a different level of care. Regardless of the recommendation, we work with you to ensure the smoothest possible transition to whatever level of care you need.


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