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Our Programs


Origins Behavioral HealthCare offers a wide range of addiction treatment programs through an abstinence-based 12 Step approach.

Our programs include 10-day assessments, inpatient programs, outpatient options, and programs designed for men, women, and older adults. Finally, our family programs complement addiction recovery options at Origins, making it possible for you to work through sobriety with the help and understanding of your loved ones.

To learn more about each program, please select the treatment of your choice. You are also welcome to contact us directly to discuss your options.

10-Day Clinical Assessment Program

If you want more than detox or a short residential stay, this program might be right for you. Our 10-day clinical assessment program helps us diagnose and understand the extent of the addiction and medical condition. We can use this information to decide if a long-term residential program is right for you. Learn more.

Inpatient Recovery Programs

Our Inpatient Recovery Programs are for people who need long-term residential treatment for alcohol or drug disorders, mental health conditions, relapse recovery treatment, or healing from trauma and addiction. With modern, private campuses and access to beautiful outdoor settings, you can begin your recovery in a safe and soothing environment. Learn more.

Men’s Residential Treatment

Origins offers gender-separate residential treatment programs for men. Attending a men’s residential treatment center means that you will receive all-male programming for alcohol and drug abuse, relationships, trauma, spiritual disconnection, sexuality, and more. We invite you to explore our men’s treatment curriculum, methods, and modalities or watch a video to get inspired. Learn more.

Women’s Residential Treatment

If you want a safe place to stay during your addiction treatment and recovery, we recommend our gender-separate residential treatment option for women. At Origins, we believe that women have entirely different needs than men. Therefore, we address those needs with specific therapies, including clinical, medical, and spiritual programs to feel whole again. Learn more.

Older Adult Recovery

Origins offers age-specific addiction treatment options for older adults. With an emphasis on senior and mid-life addiction treatment, we provide long-term residential programs for men and women aged 45 and older. We invite you to build a supportive community with people who understand your journey and where you want to be. Our age-specific recovery programs include clinical, physical, spiritual, and psychological assessments. Learn more.

Outpatient Recovery Programs

At Origins, we’re proud to offer outpatient recovery programs for people who don’t necessarily need residential care. Our outpatient treatment programs include individual therapies, group sessions, family case management, and more. We suggest this option for people who have already attended our residential treatment facilities or other programs and want support and care after leaving an inpatient program. Learn more.