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Our Treatment Programs

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We’re glad you are seeking information about the comprehensive world of substance abuse treatment offered by Origins Behavioral HealthCare. Our world-class residential and outpatient recovery centers provide treatment programs that are designed to serve the broad range of needs common to someone needing professional help. We provide much more than just treatment – we offer real solutions to real families.

Origins Continuum of Care


Origins Behavioral HealthCare provides a comprehensive continuum of individualized alcohol and drug addiction treatment programs and recovery support services for adults, including those with co-occurring disorders. Origins’ treatment approach unites effective addiction medicine and evidence-based clinical strategies with a profound immersion in the timeless 12-Step experience. We offer patient-driven care, and patients in need of gender-separate or gender-specific treatment receive it. Origins’ multidisciplinary treatment team includes:

  • Chief Psychiatrist
  • Medical Doctors
  • Nursing Staff
  • Licensed Therapists
  • Master’s Level Clinicians
  • 12-Step Experts
  • Recreational Therapists
  • Gourmet Food Services
  • Life Skills Mentors
  • Continuing Care Specialists
  • Alumni Services

We offer several locations to meet your needs. With centers nestled in tropical settings of South Padre Island in Texas, and West Palm Beach, and Singer Island, Florida, Origins Behavioral HealthCare offers patients a variety of focused treatment options as they arrive from all around the world to receive the extraordinary care provided by our professional staff. Origins delivers a highly-individualized, longer-term treatment experience that holistically nurtures the mind, body and spirit in the transformative process of recovery.

Below, we invite you to explore the diverse treatment services offered by Origins.

Programmatic Highlights: The Origins Experience™

  • 30-90 Day Residential Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs
    Origins’ treatment programs are fully individualized based on the clinical and medical needs of each patient. Length of stay at Origins is determined largely by a patient’s actual progress. Origins’ specializes in treating patients who have previous failed attempts at treatment and sobriety, including those suffering from co-occurring disorders.
  • Delivering Quality Treatment at Affordable Rates – Most Insurance Accepted
    Origins’ mission involves bringing the highest-quality treatment within reach of those who seek it. We offer affordable self-pay treatment rates, as well as accept most health insurance policy’s out-of-network benefits. Contact an Admissions Specialist to discuss payment options including insurance. We are committed to working creatively to lower financial barriers and help you access premium patient care at Origins Behavioral HealthCare.
  • Exceptional Medical Care Provided on Campus
    Excellent medical care is a fundamental component of treatment at Origins Behavioral HealthCare. Origins’ patients have ongoing medical encounters with our diverse medical team that consists of internists, psychiatrists, nurse practitioners and supportive nursing staff. patients are seen by the nursing staff on a daily basis for medication administration, vitals and other daily care appointments. For any specialty medical needs, Origins partners with acclaimed local hospitals and physician practice groups.
  • Individual and Group Therapy with Experienced Licensed Clinicians
    Our licensed therapists utilize a wide variety of therapeutic modalities and techniques in the treatment of our patients. patients enjoy frequent individual and group-based contact with their therapists. At Origins, we employ evidence-based therapies including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, Psychodrama, Interpersonal Therapy, Adventure Therapy, Arts Therapies and more. See our interactive Daily Schedule for a more complete understanding of the diversity and intensity of the clinical interventions offered at Origins.
  • Intensive Schedule of Therapeutic Groups and Activities in a High-Accountability Culture
    It matters greatly where one goes for treatment. At Origins, we are serious about recovery and healthy, abundant living. Discipline, honesty, accountability and integrity are constant themes in our programming. We believe that drug and alcohol abuse are only symptoms. Effective treatment addresses the underlying behaviors and habits that persist at the root-level of addiction. Our daily schedule and content are carefully designed to bring about significant change in the habits and belief systems of our patients.
  • Immersion in Essential 12-Step Disciplines
    Origins’ treatment culture is deeply infused with the 12- Steps which have consistently been shown to be the effective foundation for permanent sobriety in the lives of millions. A passionate emphasis on the 12-Step experience is one of several key programmatic features that sets Origins apart from the majority of treatment providers. Our patients do more than learn about the 12-Steps; they have an authentic, personal experience with them.
  • Superb Staff-to-patient Ratios
    At many large treatment centers, patients are able to “hide in the herd” and skate through treatment without really doing the hard work necessary to recover. Not at Origins. Our treatment systems limit our patient numbers, foster accountability within the community, maintain excellent staff-to-patient ratios and leverage the community design of our campuses. We offer patient-driven care, and patients in need of gender-specific treatment receive it.
  • Recreational Therapies
    Adventure therapy involves the creation of opportunities to explore the unknown in a safe environment through adventurous activities. It is a cognitive-behavioral-affective therapeutic approach which utilizes experience and action within cooperative games, trust activities, problem solving initiatives, animal-assisted experiences, high-adventure and outdoor pursuits to strategically enact change through personal and group challenges.
  • Gourmet Menus Designed by a Staff Nutritionist and Prepared by a Professional Chef
    Nutrition and dietary care are important aspects of treatment at Origins Behavioral HealthCare, and we are known for our outstanding cuisine. When active in addiction, addicts and alcoholics practice notoriously poor eating habits. Our nourishing menus are specially designed to help our patients return to health while providing them with opportunities to learn about proper nutrition and diet. Origins’ fantastic cuisine is prepared fresh daily by a professional chef and kitchen staff.
  • State-of-the-Art Weight Training and Exercise Facilities on Campus
    Addiction and alcoholism punishes the sufferer’s body, mind and spirit; it is critically important to address all three in recovery. During treatment, Origins helps patients begin to heal their bodies from the neglect and abuse suffered during active addiction. Each day, patients are asked to participate in some form of physical activity. Origins offers a number of opportunities to exercise and “get the pulse up” including yoga, weight training, swimming (pool and ocean), beach running, volleyball and more. Our weight training gym has numerous free weights, machine-based weights, bench-based weights and elliptical machines for low-impact workouts.
  • Robust Life-Skills Curriculum
    Ceasing alcohol and drug usage is the first step in recovery, but lasting sobriety requires a person go much further. Origins is committed to treating the whole person. Our Life Skills curriculum is aimed at helping our patients develop those fundamental skills and disciplines necessary for successful daily living. Utilizing our Vocational Aptitude Assessment to examine each patient’s unique abilities, we are able to address specific needs such as financial wellness, etiquette, public speaking and proper self-care. Additionally, we spend time each week focusing on a wide variety of practical skills such as homemaking, cooking, laundry and cleaning, so that our patients are ready to return to life at home.
  • Intensive Family Programs
    Origins’ Family Healing Program™ is an intensive four-day long retreat. Origins’ Family Healing Program™ is designed to provide a multifaceted therapeutic experience for patient and family members alike. patient families participate in psycho-educational and medical lectures, psychodrama and didactic sessions, private counseling opportunities and experiential activities. Families receive Al-Anon and 12-Step exposure and have time with their sober loved one within the group setting. These holistic programs educate family members about the disease model of addiction and recovery and lay the groundwork to help them begin their own personal recovery from the pain and wreckage of chemical dependency within the family system.
  • Transitions™ by Origins – Treatment Step-Down Program
    Individuals often lose their way as they go from the treatment environment, which offers a great deal of structure and accountability, to a home with little or no support at all. The significant change in therapeutic intensity can be an overwhelming experience that can compromise recovery and result in relapse. Transitions is an Origins’ treatment step-down program specifically designed for adult men to provide concentrated clinical, medical and recovery support during the delicate months immediately following completion of Origins Behavioral HealthCare’s residential treatment programs.
  • Free Lifetime Access to Origins’ Alumni Meetings
    Origins is proud to offer free alumni support in select US cities where available. Each week, Origins alumni participate in a therapist-facilitated group offering a forum of support, education and Often involving food and fun, alumni find camaraderie with peers who have been through our programs. Alumni support staff frequent these groups adding to the engaging feel of meetings.
  • A Treatment Philosophy Based on Experience, Proven by Science
    Origins’ treatment philosophy represents a seamless integration of contemporary addiction medicine and clinical sciences with a profound immersion in the timeless 12-Step experience. We leverage evidence-based clinical and pharmacological therapies within the classic 12-Step framework to deliver a compelling system of individualized treatment that effectively anchors modern treatment sciences in the 12-Step paradigm.


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