Hanley Center

Our addiction and mental health professionals act as orchestrated team to provide comprehensive treatment that works.

  • Age- and Gender-Specific Addiction Treatment
  • Trauma Therapies
  • Residential Mental Health Unit

Hanley 042Hanley Center at Origins, part of Origins Behavioral HealthCare’s family of addiction and behavioral health treatment centers, is located in a tropical campus setting in Palm Beach County, Florida. As a pioneer in age- and gender-specific treatment, our patients are empowered to explore aspects of their generation’s culture and factors of aging that may have contributed to their substance use, which now requires highly focused clinical attention.

Hanley Center at Origins provides a broad range of programming for drug, alcohol, and mental health disorders based on decades of experience. From detoxification and medical stabilization to individualized treatment and continuing care planning, Hanley is proud to offer the most innovative and effective treatment programs designed by professionals and experts.

On a tropical, resort-style campus, Hanley Center at Origins provides age and gender-specific residential primary addiction treatment options for Men (ages 18+), Women (ages 18+), and Older Adults (ages 65+). We also offer residential mental health treatment in an intimate and safe setting, along with primary addiction and primary mental health outpatient services.

Pioneer in Age-Specific Treatment

In 1998, Hanley Center developed the innovative Center for Older Adult Recovery, and we remain the leader today in effective age and generational drug and alcohol treatment. At least one-third of older adults suffer from late-onset addiction, usually because of risk factors that include major life transitions, grief, isolation, chronic pain, or depression.

Our generational-specific programs address the mindset and barriers to recovery that are unique to each age group.

Key Components of Hanley Center at Origins’ Treatment Services Include: