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Setting Boundaries in an Enmeshed Family

You’ve heard the term “dysfunctional family” but may not be as familiar with one particular type of dysfunction known as “enmeshment.” An enmeshed family is one in which boundaries rarely exist or don’t exist at all. The result can be detrimental to parents and children, as seen in behaviors that harm family relationships. Let’s look at how enmeshment shows up in families like yours and how to respond by setting healthy boundaries. You may have experienced enmeshment if you grew

What Is Drug Addiction?

Drug addiction is a complex neurobiological disease that requires integrated treatment of the mind, body, and spirit. It is considered a brain disease because drugs change the brain‚ its structure and how it works. Drug addiction can start with experimentation in social settings, becoming more frequent with time. Other drug addictions (especially those involving opioids) start when taking prescribed medications. In fact, prescription painkillers are the most abused drug in the US after marijuana. More individuals die from opioid painkiller

What is Rehab? Types, Treatment Options & Process

Rehab is the start of a lifelong commitment to sobriety and improving the quality of one’s life. It often begins with the “engagement stage.” This may involve the entire family working together to help explore pathways to treatment.  Rehab may include either or both inpatient and outpatient treatment. Here is an overview of rehab, including: What is Rehab Used For? What are the Types of Rehab? What are the Types of Treatment in Rehab? How Long is Rehab? What Does

Healing the Family System at Origins

Like any other chronic illness, addiction requires a network of participants that either support the illness or support recovery from it. Being willing to accept help as the addicted person or helping your loved one enter treatment is the first step. But so much more can be done to support the entire family system. That’s where we come in. Each family has a unique as a fingerprint. Though it may share many of the same general characteristics as others, each

What is a Dry Drunk?

Is there a “dry drunk” in your life? The term dry drunk may be familiar to you, even if you’re not fully aware of what it actually means yet. The term tends to confuse some people, too, as it implies being drunk without drinking. The name isn’t universally used as it once was, but the idea behind the name remains important. Today, let’s talk about the behaviors that the term is referring to and how to avoid being a dry drunk.

Coping with Social Anxiety Disorder

Feeling anxious in a social situation is common, but social anxiety can be far more troubling for some people. When untreated, it can add a great deal of distress to someone’s life. The struggle to manage it alone can be overwhelming and may interfere with work and personal relationships. Today, let’s explain how to recognize if you’ve been affected by Social Anxiety Disorder and what steps to take to find help. Social Anxiety Disorder tends to develop during the teenage

Your Recovery Starts Now

Meghan Brooks, Director of Admissions Waiting for a ticker-tape parade or a shooting star to indicate a good time to get sober historically does not work out “as planned,” not to mention it can be a dangerous game for everyone involved. The same can be said for a specific time of year, special event, or firm resolution. It is the time of year for fresh starts, setting new goals, Zoom gatherings, and holiday cheer. So, whether you take the stance

Resolving Long-Term Trauma through Treatment

People who have been in treatment multiple times may not realize what’s making it harder to stay sober after a program. One of the factors our treatment team sees affecting recovery regularly is trauma. Those traumatic experiences could be from when you were a kid, a teen, or even since you became an adult. We’ve seen how not processing those old experiences in safe ways can lead some men and women to binge drinking or experimenting with drugs. Today, let’s

Individuals Who “Have It All” Need Better Treatment Accessibility

Deb Kuzmin, LCSW – Executive Director of Hanley Center Sitting upright yet looking defeated, one of the most influential CEOs in this region told me, “I built an entire empire! I took risks, worked endlessly, built relationships, and made folks successful. I can do anything! But for some reason, I cannot stop drinking.” The same personality traits and ethics that make individuals successful such as working hard, taking risks, desiring success, and being obsessive and dedicated, are also found in

3 Must-Ask Questions When Considering a Facility That’s Right…

Congratulations! Your loved one has made the courageous decision to seek help for addiction. Because each program is unique, there are many factors to consider when deciding if a treatment program is right for you. While this can be overwhelming, it is important to remember to ask questions when you talk to admissions. Today let’s look at three must-ask questions when considering an addiction treatment facility. Does the program have a proven history of success? In health care, measuring success

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