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A Design for Living – Alumni Testimonial

Natalie I. – Hanley Center Alumnus My name is Natalie and I am an alcoholic/addict and proud Origins Alumni. When I came to Origins, I was a broken and defeated woman. My life was filled with empty relationships and my disappointments. Everything I worked hard for was gone except for the few that never gave up on me due to my disease. I thank those few every day for placing me into Origins. I did not know how to stop

The Search For Freedom | Testimonial

My name is Amber W. and I am a recovered alcoholic. I did not ever think I would be able to say that. Before Origins, My life was full of misery and hopelessness. I could not stop drinking and using drugs; I could not manage my life; my relationships were non-existent. I had already been to a dozen other treatment centers and institutions but decided to give it one last ditch effort to get sober. When I arrived at Origins I

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