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Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol-related Deaths

A study by The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) covering alcohol-related deaths from 2015-2019 shows it’s the cause of one in five deaths among adults ages 20-49. In addition, the study’s findings show that one in eight deaths among adults 20-64 years old were linked to excessive alcohol use. Frequent binge drinking is one sign of an alcohol use disorder. The CDC estimates that one out of every six adults binge drinks, with a total of four drinks

Is Addiction a Disease? Understanding the Roots of Substance…

If someone asked you to name the first few diseases you can think of, you’d probably mention the most familiar ones. Heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer’s may be on your shortlist. If given a second chance to add more types, would addiction even come to mind? If not, it’s a good starting point for a conversation today about what qualifies as a disease and why substance use disorders (SUDs) may get overlooked. For years, researchers have known that addiction is

Staff Spotlight – Fran Marcone

Fran Marcone – Regional Vice President Professional Relations Fran Marcone is originally from Pittsburgh but has called West Palm Beach home for 20 years. After previously serving as Director of Marketing and Special Events for Hanley Center and Hanley Foundation from 2013 to 2015, she returned to the Origins family as a Professional Relations Officer in 2018. Now promoted to her newest role of Regional Vice President of Professional Relations, Fran brings strong project management, strategic development, and organizational skills.

The Greatest Victory

By Meghan Brooks, Director of Admissions Agreeing to admission for treatment should never be viewed as a failure. Alcoholics and addicts are often referred to as “individuals whose self-will has run riot.” Wanting to be able to “handle it” or “pull ourselves out of it,” we will inevitably do nothing more than exacerbate the consequences over time. Some of these choices are irreversible. Addiction is not easy for people who want to fix issues themselves. Healing does not begin until

Is Telehealth Addiction Recovery Here to Stay?

In the past year, we’ve seen much more attention put on virtual health services to keep patients and medical staff safer. Treatment for substance use is part of those essential services. With the post-Covid era coming thanks to vaccines, you may be wondering if Telehealth addiction recovery options are here to stay. Today, let’s talk about the benefits of treating addiction remotely and how it compares to starting a program in person. Telehealth addiction recovery use make healthcare providers more

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Rick Hubbard – Executive Vice President of Professional Relations Many of the events that have taken place over the past year have illustrated our need, as a nation, to confront issues associated with racism that continue to divide us, and to do so with a commitment to understanding each other. The emergence of “Black Lives Matter”, not only as an organization but as a movement, was born out of a need to advocate for a segment of American society that

Your Recovery Starts Now

Meghan Brooks, Director of Admissions Waiting for a ticker-tape parade or a shooting star to indicate a good time to get sober historically does not work out “as planned,” not to mention it can be a dangerous game for everyone involved. The same can be said for a specific time of year, special event, or firm resolution. It is the time of year for fresh starts, setting new goals, Zoom gatherings, and holiday cheer. So, whether you take the stance

Miracle? Miracle!

Terry Shapiro MS,CAC| Vice President and Executive Director As I write this on December 8, 2020, we are about to enter the third night of the Jewish Festival of Lights called Hanukkah. The story of this celebration details two reasons to celebrate—the first being freedom from oppression by defeating an army of many with an army of few. The second, and most repeated, being the miracle of how a small amount of oil was used to light the lamp, which

Individuals Who “Have It All” Need Better Treatment Accessibility

Deb Kuzmin, LCSW – Executive Director of Hanley Center Sitting upright yet looking defeated, one of the most influential CEOs in this region told me, “I built an entire empire! I took risks, worked endlessly, built relationships, and made folks successful. I can do anything! But for some reason, I cannot stop drinking.” The same personality traits and ethics that make individuals successful such as working hard, taking risks, desiring success, and being obsessive and dedicated, are also found in

Breaking the Camel’s Back: Understanding the Relationship Between THC…

Dr. John Dyben, DHSc, MCAP, CMHP – Chief Clinical Officer The cannabis plant has myriad chemical compounds (literally hundreds), and various cannabis strains tend to have these compounds in different amounts.  Perhaps the most well-known chemical in cannabis is Δ-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, most commonly referred to as THC.  This is the primary psychogenic compound that causes the effect of “getting high.” For many years now, scientists have been studying a link between THC and psychosis. Numerous studies have found that high-frequency THC

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