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Stigma & Addiction

Posted on October 12, 2021

Dr. John Dyben, DHSc, MCAP, CMHP | Chief Clinical Officer Toward Building a Healthier Environment for those with Substance Use Issues My daughter was around five years old when she asked me what “epidemiology” was. In true Dyben family form, I wrote a song to explain at least part of it. The song is called… Read On »

What Is Drug Addiction?

Posted on October 8, 2021

  Drug addiction is a complex neurobiological disease that requires integrated treatment of the mind, body, and spirit. It is considered a brain disease because drugs change the brain — they change its structure and how it works.  Here is an overview of drug addiction, including: What is the Best Definition of Drug Addiction? What… Read On »

What is Rehab? Types, Treatment Options & Process 

Posted on October 5, 2021

Rehab is the start of a lifelong commitment to sobriety and improving the quality of one’s life. It often begins with the “engagement stage.” This may involve the entire family working together to help explore pathways to treatment.  Rehab may include either or both inpatient and outpatient treatment. Here is an overview of rehab, including:… Read On »

Origins Behavioral HealthCare Announces New Insurance Options for Patients

Posted on October 4, 2021

Origins Recovery Center and Hannah’s House are participating providers for Aetna and Friday (Dallas, TX – OCTOBER 4, 2021) Origins Recovery Center and Hannah’s House are now participating providers with Aetna and Friday Health Plans (Friday) as of October 1, 2021, further increasing accessibility to effective care. Now millions of cardholders will have more affordable… Read On »

Forgiveness and Unconditional Love

Posted on September 27, 2021

Bart Ross, Recovery Services Manager, Hanley Center at Origins God’s love is always unconditional. It doesn’t matter who we are or what we’ve done. This reassurance doesn’t mean that God loves everything that we do. But our Higher Power loves us no matter what. I particularly like the reference the Big Book makes: “He is… Read On »

What Does Recovery Mean? Definition and Journey

Posted on September 15, 2021

We use the term “recovery” regularly. It’s even in our name. But, not everyone may understand what recovery means and what it involves. Today, we’ll help you understand how we define recovery from addiction and share some insight on the journey of addiction recovery from the Origins perspective. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services… Read On »

Dangers of Mixing Alcohol with Prescription Drugs

Posted on August 31, 2021

If you have ever mixed drinking with prescription medication use, you have likely experienced some unpleasant side effects. But, this kind of combination actually can be dangerous for a number of reasons. Before you suffer any serious health consequences from this combination, let’s look at the risks associated with alcohol and prescription or over-the-counter drug… Read On »

Expert Advice on How to Help Someone with Addiction

Posted on August 12, 2021

Knowing how to help someone with addiction doesn’t come easily. There’s no one path to recovery. But, you can find ways to begin a conversation about the harm caused by doing drugs or drinking. Today, let’s discuss a helpful approach to the subject—along with some important things to avoid. Talking to someone with an addiction… Read On »

Current Addiction Trends

Posted on July 20, 2021

When the pandemic began in early 2020, its potential impact on substance use disorders was already on the minds of many people. Now halfway through 2021, the trends emerging in SUDs is giving us a clearer picture of how the Covid era is creating a greater need for treatment. Today, let’s look at some current… Read On »

Surrendering to God in a Ditch with Rick Hubbard

Posted on July 6, 2021

In this episode, we are talking with Rick Hubbard. Rick is the Executive Vice President of Professional Relations at Origins.    Rick shares about his journey from the commercial banking industry to being the Executive Vice President of Professional Relations. He shares his struggles with alcohol and drugs and finally surrendering to God.  He shares… Read On »