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Your Recovery Starts Now

Meghan Brooks, Director of Admissions

Waiting for a ticker-tape parade or a shooting star to indicate a good time to get sober historically does not work out “as planned,” not to mention it can be a dangerous game for everyone involved. The same can be said for a specific time of year, special event, or firm resolution.

It is the time of year for fresh starts, setting new goals, Zoom gatherings, and holiday cheer.

So, whether you take the stance of wanting to indulge over the holidays or skew more on the side of “there is always next year,” I urge you to reconsider. Somehow, with the disease of addiction, it is easier to be convinced that a relapse or blow-up will wait for special seasons or life events to happen first, almost out of respect, allowing the individual or their family to handle the issue later.

A patient with heart disease or a brain aneurism would not experience this nonchalant attitude.

Nobody dreams of needing to deal with disease and heartbreak over the holidays — or ever for that matter. Kids do not have dreams of growing up to become someone arrested for a DUI over Christmas break or hope for a Hanukkah where they will need to intervene on their father before dinner. For those reading this who can relate, let this be your sign to push forward with your recovery, not later but NOW.

This time tomorrow, you or your loved one could be one day sober. Everyone starts somewhere.

Sentimental folks can take comfort in knowing that there will be far healthier, happy holidays in the future once the addict or alcoholic finds sobriety. For the more fact-seeking crowd, the risk or reward is not there for delaying one more day to get the help you need. Anyone reading this who needs to hear the cold hard truth, understand that waiting to start recovery could be a deadly decision regretted by families for a lifetime to come. Whatever it takes to hear it, the message remains the same.

Addiction is deadly, and it is not waiting for any one person, season, or date.

It will strip the affected person down and take away everything that matters most to them. Addiction does not discriminate. It knows no gender, race, ethnicity, or socioeconomic status. Its goal is your life. I sincerely hope this message resonates, even with just one person this holiday season. I hope it is a push to begin the process started for help. Maybe that means going to 12-Step meetings, initiating treatment, or possibly seeking therapy to deal with the stress of a loved one’s addiction.

Whatever it is and whatever that it looks like, know that we cannot do this alone.

I’m sending thoughts, prayers, and love and wishing you a safe, healthy holiday and a bright New Year.


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