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Will You Make a Resolution or a Decision?

The holidays are upon us and I’m brought to the famous New Year’s resolutions made by everyone each year. 

So many people pledge to start exercising, eat healthy, and lose weight – very common resolutions. Every single year for almost eight years I remember pledging that my New Year’s resolution would be to stop drinking and straighten out my life all by myself. I thought all I needed was to assert my willpower, and I would be able to stop, or at least slowdown and control my drinking and using. I was way off the mark thinking I could solve my addiction with strong willpower and a firm resolution. I couldn’t make it a month staying sober let alone a whole year on my own. And once I picked up the first drink, well, we all know how that goes. I didn’t know how my life was ever going to change.

Nearly three years ago, I was introduced to the 12 Step program and my life has never been the same! 

I worked the steps and found that as a result of working them, I had a spiritual experience, and the obsession to drink and use was totally lifted! I found that I no longer had to continue making empty resolutions year after year with little to no success. I’ve been given a spiritual solution that allows me to live a life free from running on my own self-will, and gives me the freedom to focus on helping others!

To everyone out there thinking about making a resolution to quit drinking or using, the time to act is now.

Getting sober requires more than a resolution – it requires a decision to do the work necessary to recover. It requires action. This includes addressing addiction head-on by fully working the 12 Steps, including helping others. Without this decision, I would likely be dead. Today, I am not only sober, I am happy, joyous, and free. If this can happen for me, it can happen with you.

Happy New Year!

Kellye DeBerry, Alumni Coordinator, Hanley Center at Origins


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