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Will Family Programming Help My Family Heal?

When a loved one attends treatment for an addiction, a mental health disorder, or co-occurring mental health disorders, many times there is a family system, along with a family history, which needs healing. The struggles and sufferings of a loved one affect the whole family. In a family system, everyone has a role to play, and everyone has needs which either do or do not go met. As a result, the family has wounds that need to be nurtured, skills that need to be refined, and healing that needs to take place so that dysfunction can be replaced with harmony. Every family deserves to live in peace and serenity. With family programming and therapy, a happier family home is possible.

Family Programming

Carefully crafted “family programming” can bridge the gap between the addicted person and their loved ones during the treatment process. Origins’ four and five-day Family Programs provide families with:

          • Education on mental illness and mental health
          • Education on addiction and alcoholism
          • A look into the treatment process and what their loved one is learning
          • Insight to what their loved one needs to heal and grow
          • An understanding of family systems and family dynamics
          • Communication skills and exercises
          • Individual family therapy
          • Processing groups
          • Bonding activities
          • Continuing care recommendations for long-term healing

Family Therapy

When there is an immense amount of healing to be done in a family system, family therapy might take place even beyond the initial treatment episode. This provides for a safe space in which families can discuss boundaries and work towards effective communication. Setting specific goals, the family can work together to address issues of the past, create support for the present, and build the skills necessary for a happy and functioning future.

Does Family Therapy Work?

Family therapy provides exactly what families are willing to provide. Meaning, what a family puts into their therapy, they are likely to get back. Families can carry a wealth of pain, hurt, resentment, fear, sadness, guilt, and shame. When individual family members and families as a whole decide to show up and do the work together, miracles can take place. Family programming and family therapy can work, and does work, in helping the family finally heal.



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