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Why Me?

Cara Bantom-O’Neill, MS., MCAP, RMHCI | Corporate Director of Alumni Services

I remember when I realized that I was a real alcoholic and understood I had a disease that I couldn’t control on my own. That was a huge and scary moment in my life, and I was not happy. At that time, I was able to admit that I was an alcoholic, but I was nowhere near accepting it.

The thought that raced through my head was, “why me?”

Why do I have to have this terminal illness? Why am I in treatment? Why can’t I drink safely like other people?

I was upset about this newfound revelation, and I had no problem expressing it. I felt like being an alcoholic was the worst thing that ever happened to me.

Fortunately, I was working closely with a sponsor during this time, and I told her how I felt. I will never forget what she said back to me as I shared with her. She looked me in the eye and said, “Why not you, Cara?”

For the first time, I stepped back from my self-pity.

I understood that things happen in life, and this was one of those things for me.

Through working with my sponsor and with a therapist, I processed the fact that I was an alcoholic. In time, I became accepting, and now I am grateful. Grateful for the life that I have in recovery.

As I have maintained my sobriety over the years, I have unfortunately watched friends try to go back out. These were friends who had worked a strong program, gotten all the “things” in life, and then quit doing the work. It is tough to watch as I have not seen any of my friends successfully go back out. Typically, things get bad, and they get bad quickly.

As I have watched this happen, I often think to myself, why have I been able to stay in the program.

Why am I still sober?

During these times, I think back to what my first sponsor said, “Why not you, Cara?”

Over the years, I have come to realize that I am not that special. Things happen in life, many things that I have to accept. I have learned that sometimes I need time to accept things, good and bad things, honestly.

The First Step says, “we admitted,” not “we accepted.”

I think of that often because it reminds me that I need to take specific steps to get where I want to be spiritually in my life. This practice applies to LIFE and all the fun and not-so-fun things that come with LIFE.

Humility tells me that I am no better or less than anyone else. So, if I can be the person diagnosed with a disease, I can be the person who recovers from that disease.

There is hope. Trust in the Power and never give up.


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