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What to Do On a Friday Night

Posted on April 24, 2019

What To Do On A Friday Night

The fear of missing out is a very real experience during the first few months to the first year of recovery from drugs and alcohol.

Our last drink or drug, our last drunk, high, as well as our last good time while intoxicated, is not far behind us. In our brain chemistry, the equation for a good time on a Friday night probably still lives somewhere in a world where we were using drugs and alcohol, having fun. For many of us, our last drunks and highs were not fun anymore. We were sick, we were miserable, and we were incapable of experiencing any kind of enjoyment. 

Nonetheless, when Friday night or a weekend rolls around, our brain picks up on the energy that it is time to have fun, and that fun means getting high or drunk.

Part of our challenge in early recovery is finding new ways to have fun and reprogram our brain to veer in a direction far away from the idea of using drugs and abusing alcohol as fun. At first, the idea of having fun without being intoxicated is hard to wrap our heads around. Over time, the more fun we have, even uncomfortably, the more fun we learn to have. Our lives become an open book when it comes to our free time on the weekends because anything is possible in sobriety. We are free to do whatever it is we please- except for taking another drink or a drug. We can dance, we can take a trip, we can play a sport, we can go to a movie. Most often we find that we start living the life of our dreams, the very life we dreamed of living or thought that we were living while we are under the influence.


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