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What is Delta 8?

If you’ve never heard of Delta-8 THC, you’re not alone. This relatively new cannabinoid is gaining popularity for its unique psychoactive effects. But what exactly is Delta-8 THC, and how does it compare to other cannabinoids like Delta-9 THC and CBD? Keep reading to learn more about this intriguing compound.

Delta-8 THC is one of more than 100 cannabinoids produced naturally by the cannabis plant.

Users may turn to it for its perceived help with pain relief or anti-nausea, but the FDA has not approved it and warns the public that how Delta-8 THC is being marketed may create a public health risk. When labeled as a “hemp” product, you may mistakenly assume it’s not a psychoactive drug. If you or someone you know is negatively affected by Delta-8 use, consider talking to a healthcare provider or seeking treatment.

What Is Delta 8?

A psychoactive substance in cannabis plants, Delta-8 THC, is one of more than 100 cannabinoids that the plant naturally produces. The cannabis plant doesn’t contain significant amounts of Delta-8. Instead, users turn to CBD (Cannabidiol) for concentrated amounts of it. Common forms of it in products include oils, vapes, and edibles.

What Is the Potency of Delta-8?

The effects of Delta-8 THC are psychoactive and intoxicating. The FDA notes the products marketed as Delta-8 THC may expose you to much higher levels of THC than naturally occurring in hemp cannabis raw extracts. At the same time, it’s less potent than Delta-9 THC, the version typically consumed by people who smoke marijuana. However, users may still experience negative consequences, such as paranoia, anxiety, and other potential psychological risks.

How Easy Is It to Get Delta-8 THC?

As it was made virtually legal in the United States in a 2018 U.S. farm bill, getting it has become much easier. It can be sent using the postal service and purchased through some online sources. Amazon does prohibit sales of it on its platform, though. It’s fully legal in 31 states, including Texas and Florida, and the District of Columbia. 14 states, including New York and Colorado, have passed legislation to ban sales of Delta-8 THC.

States Where Delta-8 THC Is Legal

● Alabama
● Arizona
● Arkansas
● Connecticut
● Florida
● Georgia
● Hawaii
● Illinois
● Indiana
● Kansas
● Kentucky
● Maine
● Massachusetts
● Michigan
● Mississippi
● Missouri
● Nebraska
● New Hampshire
● New Jersey
● New Mexico
● North Carolina
● Ohio
● Oklahoma
● Pennsylvania
● Tennessee
● Texas
● Virginia
● Washington
● West Virginia
● Wisconsin
● Wyoming

Also, Delta-8 is available in the District of Columbia.

FDA Warnings about Delta-8 THC

Warnings about Delta-8 THC by the FDA stem from an exponential increase in use of the product recently. Although some people use it for its pain relief and anti-nausea properties, the FDA prohibits its use for medical purposes. In a recent 15-month period, the FDA received 104 reports of “adverse events” related to the use of Delta-8 THC, and national poison control centers received 2,362 exposure cases. Among the poison control center cases, 40% involved unintentional exposure, and 82% of these accidental exposures affected pediatric patients, according to data released by the FDA. The 104 adverse events included hallucinations, vomiting, tremor, anxiety, dizziness, confusion, and loss of consciousness. 66% mentioned the adverse event occurred after consuming a food product containing Delta-8 THC, 55% of cases required medical intervention, and 8% of cases involved a child under 18.

The Risk of Using Unregulated Delta-8 THC Products

Delta-8 THC can be found in unregulated cannabis products, such as edibles, tinctures, and vape cartridges. There is a potential health risk when buying unregulated drug products from unknown vendors, distributors, and manufacturers. Products may be accidentally contaminated while made in unsanitary settings or intentionally laced with household chemicals. Chemicals used in the process to create or color a product also can be harmful.

Get Help for Delta 8 Misuse from Origins

If you or someone you know is struggling with Delta-8 THC misuse, Origins can help. Our team of specialists will develop a personalized treatment plan that meets your unique needs and helps you achieve long-term recovery. In addition to working on sober goals, a patient with a history of cannabis abuse can get help with co-occurring mental health needs. These needs may include symptoms related to depression, anxiety, or trauma. Learning to manage mental health needs during dual diagnosis treatment increases your chances of getting into recovery and sustaining it long-term.


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