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What Can I Do To Support a Loved One…


The common suggestion for packing to attend a traditional treatment program is to pack about two weeks worth of clothing for a variety of activities. With multiple activities and outings taking place every day, clothing is used up and reused very quickly. Something as simple as a fresh set of outfits that provide more options and chances to change up the wardrobe can be extremely refreshing and rejuvenating during the treatment process. New bathroom toiletries, makeup for women, clothing, and other necessities can be a heartwarming and much-appreciated gift.

Self-care moments are special to come by with the busy schedules of a day in treatment. Find out what your loved one likes to do in their alone time to nourish and refuel their soul. While some enjoy art therapy, drawing, and creating, others might enjoy a face mask, a book, or a comfort item from home. Try to include an encouraging or inspirational card. Even if you talk every day and visit regularly, encouraging words, motivational quotes, and beautiful art will help them decorate their living space, as well as remember they are supported.

Visit When Possible

Most treatment programs offer both regular visiting hours and family programming. Friends, family, coworkers and other approved persons are most typically welcome to visit during any open visiting hours. If you are a family member, whether it be family of origin or family by choice, you may have the chance to participate in family therapy programming. You will learn about addiction, recovery, communication skills, and much more. Showing up and participating in a loved one’s recovery is one of the most important ways you can support them during the treatment process.

Let Them Vent

Lending a listening ear is important to someone who is in treatment, for all of the good and exciting as well as the difficult and challenging. The addicted brain puts up a good fight as it heals and transforms into the recovering, and then the recovered brain. Give your loved one the space to vent and air their frustrations when they arise, but always bring the conversation back to the paramount importance of them staying.

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