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Weathering the Storm | Tharin Smith

Tharin Smith, Recovery Advocate Coordinator at Gate Lodge at Origins

The recent inspirational quote posted on one of Origins’ social media accounts, “Together, we can weather any storm,” came in light of the devastation left by Harvey and Irma in Florida and Texas. Many people, especially those that were directly affected, need these words and more to give them hope at a time they are perhaps feeling hopeless.

For those of us who have Recovered from our own previous states of hopelessness, we understand. 

It is in these times that I’m always reminded, in a big way, of just how powerless I really am…people, places and things (Mother Nature). Just like no human being could stop the path of the storms, I too had been beyond human aid in my ability to stop my 35 years of drinking and drugging.

It is this ol’ rednecks opinion that the same holds true for ALL human beings that are at this stage of despair. My experience in 2005 was that I realized I didn’t have the power I thought I did. I came to believe that something else did and immediately felt some hope. Of course, all this took place with much help and guidance from others – the same I’m willing to do for others.

“Yes, there is a long period of reconstruction ahead. We must take the lead.” Big Book, pg.83. 

For all of us that have found the way out of those feelings of despair and hopelessness, reach out to those in need with the Good News of recovery.


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