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A Vision for Addiction Rehabilitation




Since its inception, The PsychoNeuroPlasticity Center (PNP) inside of Origins has focused highly on combating addiction through on cutting-edge research on the brain’s capacity to restructure and renew itself. 

Those of us within the PNP Center are very pleased with the direction and potentials possible with the proud new owners of Origins because they support our pioneering mission to heal those with addiction on a neurological level. The PNP Center has gained significant momentum since the time of our integration with Origins Behavioral Healthcare in 2010. Since that time, our department has bolstered our psychological and neurological testing, carried out novel and innovative neuroplasticity approaches for brain re-wiring, and have had the opportunity to share our knowledge and findings across the nation at conferences and lectures. It has been a great honor to educate and inspire others within the field of addiction treatment.







Our new enthusiasm has to do with extending and augmenting the principles of brain health and plasticity with the added services in creating a new vision for addiction rehabilitation programming.

This includes new methodology for evaluating the effectiveness of innovation of the matrix of amenities. The next step for all of us will be exploring the potentials of enhancing transformational passages from the inside out for the suffering souls of this brain disease. With the new partners we can achieve higher standards for ourselves and have wider resources that will lead to the healing of a wider population.

We believe whole-heartedly that it takes a village to heal a person with addiction.

With the different components – from the 12 Steps, medical, therapy, family healing, our wellness program, and PNP – we feel we have made major strides in change. We look onward with great delight and eagerness that this transformation will occur on a greater scale.


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