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True Visionaries


Visionary leaders have a natural ability to motivate others to fulfill seemingly impossible dreams. Such leaders inspire us to become our very best selves, as they are often able to see our potential, even when we cannot. Though we may think that this sort of sight is only given to elite masterminds, we can rest assured that this invisible world will be disclosed simply through the pursuit of a spiritual life. Whether we realize it or not, each of us has limitless potential to accomplish the extraordinary. True visionaries realize this capacity because they dare to see what cannot be observed through physical sight alone.

True visionaries trust the unseen.

So much of the beauty in this world is invisible to the eye. As we press into our walk with God, those beauties become clearer and clearer. We begin to trust that the Spirit we have found has boundless power which far exceeds our finite human resources. As we open up to this reality, we begin to dream of possibilities which may once have been unspeakable. In short, we wake up to that which is invisible, and we “enter the world of the Spirit.” It is from this space that we discover who we are in God’s eyes.

Visionaries picture that which is not already existence. Having vision is the essence of faith.

Though faith might require us to trust in the unseen, our trust is much more than a blind leap into the darkness. Genuine faith is marked by confident steps from the darkness into the light. The process of recovery is precisely this experience. “Crushed by [the] self-imposed crisis” of addiction, we become willing to venture out of obscurity, and join those who have already begun to live lives of vision and purpose. We fearlessly open our eyes to the light of truth with the faith that doing so will awaken us to a world we have not yet seen.

It is only through continued spiritual action that we are able to illuminate the divine vision of our lives.

Walking with God is not a matter of stumbling around in the darkness, hoping for blessings and gratitude. Though we may doubt the vision that lies before us, we must continue to pursue the fundamental idea of God that rests “deep down in every man, woman in child.” I believe we are called to sincerely contemplate the vision that God has for our lives, to dream the impossible and to encourage others to do the same.

By meditating on the Power that has set us free, we are able to capture a vision of our highest potential and learn to become the visionary leaders that God has called us to be.

We learn to trust the unseen.


Article and video by Kacy DeSilva, Corporate Director of Alumni Services

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