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Training Your Brain with the BAUD

As more people have read about Psychoneuroplasticity (PNP), there has been a growing interest in the device called the BioAccoustical Utilization Device (BAUD). A brief understanding needs to come about to understand how this instrument works on the brain level.

As the name “neuro-plasticity” implies, the definition is how the brain changes patterns so that the mind can create new ways of coping with problems.

For example, when a person experiences a trauma to the brain, like a stroke or injury, there often is a damaging effect in relation to waking or talking. Over time and practice, the brain develops new tracks to compensate and the individual discovers new ways of walking and/or talking. The person can have as much as 50 percent of their brain destroyed in certain regions and yet find ways to regain function in their body. This is truly an amazing ability for the brain to heal itself.

In “psycho-neuro-plasticity”, similar principles apply except that these are psychological tracks that are repaired or reshaped. For example, if a person has created an addicted pattern in his brain, the goal of PNP would be to disrupt that pattern of thinking into a healthy pattern. This would be true with a brain pattern for anxiety, PTSD, depression, and many others.

The model described upon which PNP is based on are five principles of neuron flow which basically can be summarized in this paragraph.

There are about 200 billion neurons that serve as connectors to brain centers and control our bodies. As thought patterns begin to create a habit, these neurons form bundles of collections of firing cells.

The more neurons that form a bundle, the stronger the power of the thought or physical habit becomes. This is called cohesion in technical terms. If this is a negative thought habit, the idea would be to disrupt it and disperse the bundle to form a better, productive thought habit.

The BAUD is simply a self-regulated sonic device designed to entrain these brain patterns by making the sound frequencies similar to the frequencies of the brain (FDA approved as a biofeedback device). These are the same principles that relate to how music affects and changes our moods.

The BAUD works this way:

Step one is to find the frequency of the negative pattern. This requires the person to turn the frequencies in both ears so that the emotional intensity increases to a peak when the frequency of the bad pattern is reached. For example, assume that an individual has an irrational fear of driving over bridges. As the person images this situation and moves the BAUD frequencies, that person’s fear will come to a high intensity when they hear an “arousal” frequency. In this moment, they have found their fear frequency for bridges.

The next step is to disrupt this frequency, so the object is to disrupt this fear emotion by changing the pattern by sonic stimulation. Since you have each ear frequency separated, it is useful to keep one ear set at the arousal frequency and use the other ear to find a relaxing frequency, thus eliminating the fear emotion because the brain cannot experience fear and relaxation at the same time.

There are variations to this process, but the shift in emotional patterns are immediate. The same applications can be used for depression, pain, destructive life styles (smoking), phobias, and past memories that impinge on joy and peace. In case there is a need for knowing which brain structure is being addressed, we consider the amygdala as the target for recorded fears and implicated in brain studies as basic as in rat studies.

The BAUD is a very powerful tool to initiate life transformation from the inside out, where the real action happens, and strengthening can be developed.


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