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The Power of Age-Specific Programming

Brad Sylvain – Vice President of Operations

A common misconception I have experienced during my recovery journey, as well as in my professional career in behavioral health, is the idea that someone may be too young or too old to seek treatment. This message leaves us with the mistaken belief that young people are just “going through a phase” or the idea that “Grandpa has nothing better to do than drink.” Drug or alcohol addiction can happen at any stage, and every generation is worthy of recovery.

The difficulties that individuals face as they struggle with substance use are detrimental for the patient and their family, regardless of age.

This truth has become even more apparent during my experience as a part of the industry’s leading treatment facility specializing in older adult recovery. Watching families struggle with aging loved ones in the grips of addiction has become commonplace in my professional career. Helping families by providing necessary support while delivering the most effective treatment plan possible is Origins’ core purpose. We understand that each person deserves a full life.

Paradoxically, as an individual who got sober before he could have a legal drink, my family and I faced an entirely different set of challenges.

Going back to college, learning how to navigate social norms as a young adult, and working in different environments with coworkers who regularly drank or used drugs were personal hurdles. Although my demographic challenges were entirely different from those in the older population, they presented a set of conditions for which I needed support. I greatly benefited from a fellowship of young adults who faced similar circumstances. Knowing how to navigate these challenges and having support from individuals with similar recovery experiences is one of the reasons why I am so passionate about age-specific treatment programming.

While gender-specific programming is wildly important for positive treatment outcomes, the additional feature of age-specific programming allows patients to begin the recovery journey in an environment where their generation’s challenges and shared life experiences are understood. Peer-based support is valuable for every age. At Origins, we have also found that having a team of professionals with significant clinical experience treating specific patient populations has tremendous benefits. These professionals are entrenched in age-specific issues and offer a practical way for most patients to achieve success in the face of challenges.

Together, groups who experience common problems can discover common solutions.

When fellowships face these problems in solidarity, it provides the individual with a more comprehensive understanding of how to resolve and overcome their unique struggles. I have found this to be particularly impactful in the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction. More often than not, having a therapeutic group that surrounds the individual in a community spirit provides that individual with the strength and courage to address challenges and confront fears when they did not believe they had the power to do so. That is the power of the group!

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