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The Greatest Victory

Posted on April 30, 2021

By Meghan Brooks, Director of Admissions

Agreeing to admission for treatment should never be viewed as a failure.

Alcoholics and addicts are often referred to as “individuals whose self-will has run riot.” Wanting to be able to “handle it” or “pull ourselves out of it,” we will inevitably do nothing more than exacerbate the consequences over time. Some of these choices are irreversible.

Addiction is not easy for people who want to fix issues themselves. Healing does not begin until we start listening to other people. Often, our loved ones may tell us things we don’t want to hear.

The Origins’ Admissions Department gets involved to help us when we finally begin to listen to others.

We are here through all stages of admission. From loved ones simply gathering information, an individual looking for help, or a former patient having the courage to reach out and admit that they are in trouble with their disease and need direction, our Admissions team is here to address every need.

Over the years with Origins, I have had the gift of meeting many beautiful alumni as they attend reunions, speak at meetings, or offer current patients a temporary sponsorship. A consistent message that I hear is that the decision to reach out for help –however low that particular bottom-point felt at the time– was the most important day of their life because of all the gifts it provided. I cannot tell you how rewarding that is to hear, not just professionally but also on a personal level.

The irony of life is to see that our worst day can become our greatest victory.

When faced with getting help or continuing as things have been going, I will always suggest getting help. Seems simple right? We all know that it is not simple.

Sometimes it is easier to look at things from another angle.

If recovery doesn’t work, the alcohol and drugs will always be there, ready to return misery, isolation, and chaos (tenfold)! One of the only regrets about seeking help that I have heard is that the suffering alcoholic wishes they would have done it sooner.

I hope if you are personally struggling or the loved one of someone suffering from addiction, you will reach out and start the recovery process. Your healing journey can begin today.


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