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Do I Have To Explain My Sobriety?

  People can be persistent when it comes to demanding a reason for why someone doesn’t take a drink or participate in drinking. When we’re offered a drink and we say, in some form, “No,” we might be met with disbelief, argument, or even an attempt at persuading us to take a drink even though we don’t want to. After great persistent effort on someone else’s behalf and after using every answer or response we have to kindly, politely, or

What Can I Do To Support a Loved One…

  The common suggestion for packing to attend a traditional treatment program is to pack about two weeks worth of clothing for a variety of activities. With multiple activities and outings taking place every day, clothing is used up and reused very quickly. Something as simple as a fresh set of outfits that provide more options and chances to change up the wardrobe can be extremely refreshing and rejuvenating during the treatment process. New bathroom toiletries, makeup for women, clothing,

Saying Yes To Life

  If someone offered you a million dollars, chock free, without a single condition or attachment or tax to pay, would you take it? Your answer is probably yes, after you checked out every possible angle of a scam or scandal. What would you do with that million dollars? Chances are you’ve thought about it once or twice. You have a list of people you’d give some money to, some causes you’d donate to, some prize possessions you’d like to

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