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Treatment Options

What’s Wrong with Self-medicating?

Posted on March 12, 2019

It’s often said that someone with unhealthy substance use patterns is self-medicating. At least half–and possibly many more–of people with substance use disorders also have a co-occurring mental health issue. These typically include anxiety disorders, major depression, bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive/compulsive disorder, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, schizophrenia, personality disorders, or autism spectrum disorders. Often, someone… Read On »

5 Grounding Techniques to Help You Overcome Anxiety

Posted on March 3, 2019

Grounding is a simple but powerful idea. It just means paying attention to your physical environment in order to interrupt the cycle of negative thoughts. Grounding is especially useful for people with anxiety disorders or PTSD, but it can also be used to interrupt the rumination common in people with depression. When you feel anxiety,… Read On »

5 Myths About Anxiety Disorders

Posted on February 21, 2019

People have a lot of inaccurate ideas about anxiety disorders. These misconceptions can lead to counterproductive ways of coping, increased stigma, and reluctance to get help. The following are some common misconceptions about anxiety disorders and why they’re wrong. Anxiety disorders aren’t common. Anxiety disorders are actually extremely common. Nearly 20 percent of American adults… Read On »

6 Ways to Stop Worrying

Posted on February 10, 2019

Worrying and rumination are common features of depression and anxiety disorders. When you worry, you react as though a problem were already happening and will keep happening indefinitely. However, the things we worry about often never happen. If you’re prone to worry, this makes no difference because you feel like you have to be ready.… Read On »