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Mental Illness

Can We Heal from Mental Illness and Addiction?

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When we are in the middle of our battles with mental health issues and addiction, we can feel as though there’s no end in sight to our suffering, no light at the end of the tunnel. We’ve lost hope for our recovery, and we’ve lost faith in ourselves and our abilities. We feel so down… Read On »

Can We Change Our Energy Around Addiction and Mental Illness?

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Culturally we perceive addiction and people with addiction in a very negative light. When we’re trying to come to terms with addiction and mental illness in our own lives, therefore, we can find ourselves feeling ashamed, disappointed and embarrassed. We feel tremendous guilt for our mistakes and regrets, and rather than forgiving ourselves so that… Read On »

How Does Mental Illness Affect the Body?

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Mental illnesses are often viewed as disorders that impact our thoughts and emotions, rather than disorders with physical symptoms and implications. Today, we know that the body is a finely tuned, interconnected machine. The illnesses that affect our thoughts and feelings also impact our bodies. When we take a holistic view of mental illness, we’re… Read On »