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Spotlight Series – Stacy Grossman

Stacy Grossman, Psy.D., LCP-  PsychoNeuroPlasticity (PNP) Center Coordinator, Hanley Center

_E2A1732After graduating Magna Cum Laude with a bachelor’s in psychology from the University of North Carolina Wilmington, Stacy Grossman reluctantly left her love for cool weather and a change of seasons behind to become a South Florida graduate student in 2007. She received both her master’s and doctoral degrees from Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale and has been sweating it out in the Sunshine State ever since — joining the Hanley Center family as a staff psychologist in 2013 and moving into her current role as PNP Center Coordinator a little over a year later. Stacy is a member of a number of professional societies and has enjoyed putting her extensive teaching experience to good use through the Addiction Professional Training Institutes hosted each year by Hanley Center at Origins.


What brought you to Origins?

 I started working at Hanley Center about two years ago. When Origins came in, I was ecstatic to stay on-board and work with this company. I respect everything that the Levensons have done for addiction treatment. Knowing their belief that neuroplasticity is an essential component of the treatment protocol, it was easy for me to want to be a part of this family.


If there were only one thing you could tell us about working in the area of treatment, what would it be?

As the coordinator for the PsychoNeuroPlasticity (PNP) Program at Hanley, the opportunity to watch as clients’ transform their lives has been truly inspirational. Every day I get to teach people skills to help them find their centers, stay grounded, learn to breathe, and improve their brain function. Seeing the state some folks are in when they arrive in treatment and watching them put in countless hours of work and dedication to better their lives is, by far, the best thing about working in addiction.


Do you hold any credentials or certifications, or do you participate in any other professional activities outside of work?

I am a licensed clinical psychologist (LCP) in the state of Florida. I am also an Addiction Professional Training Teacher here at Origins, which means I get the opportunity to teach classes to local folks who are looking to become certified addiction specialists, counselors, or professionals (CAS, CAC, CAP). I also am involved in LGBTQ+ trainings — teaching staff and community members how to provide culturally conscious addiction treatment to members of the LGBTQ+ community.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? Do you have any pets or engage in special hobbies?  

I am most definitely obsessed with my dog, Maggie. She is a five- year-old Dachshund mix—heavy on the mix. I have absolutely no idea what she is mixed with, but she looks like a giant hot dog and is pretty much the cutest dog on the planet (in my completely unbiased opinion). I also love to read, spend time with my friends and family, and listen to music. I really enjoy going to the beach, which is one of the amazing perks of living in South Florida with access to the beach practically year-round. I am unashamed to admit my love for boy-bands and pop-princesses. (Hi, One Direction and Britney Spears!) In this aspect of my life, I am happily still a teenager at heart!


Is there anything else you might like to share?

The most important thing you can do working in the field of addiction or mental health, is ALWAYS remember that you are dealing with human beings. Despite the addiction or mental illness, these individuals love, hurt and feel just like everyone else. In this respect, it is essential to spend time with clients laughing and smiling or just talking sports, tattoos, dogs or music. It is not easy to sit in a room with a stranger and open up about your deepest, darkest secrets, especially when that person is coming into treatment at potentially the lowest point in his or her life. Addiction is a fatal disease. Something as simple as talking with your client about their day can make a huge difference in that person’s decision to stay in treatment.

Stacy will be presenting at the December 10th Symposium at Hanley Center at Origins.  To register for the symposium “Culturally Conscious Addiction Treatment LGBTQ Clients” click here. 

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