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Spotlight Series – Daniel Lynch

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Daniel Lynch, LADC-1, CIP – National Treatment Advisor

023RWith a reputation for results and a relentless enthusiasm for working with those in recovery, Dan Lynch delivers a balanced and comprehensive approach to treating both the causes and effects of substance abuse. As a leader in the field of addiction, Dan brings more than three decades of both personal sobriety and professional expertise in addiction management, consulting, and public relations to his unique role as Origins Behavioral HealthCare’s National Treatment Advisor.

Dan uses his reach and ability to offer advocacy to those with substance use disorders and their families. As a Certified Intervention Professional (CIP) and a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LADC-1), Dan is a member of the Association of Intervention Specialists (AIS), South Shore Coalition of Independent Therapists, and The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Public Health Bureau of Substance Abuse Services. Dan is also an accomplished vocalist and guitarist who shares the gift of his musical talents to help support the work of women in early recovery.


What brought you to Origins? 

Many reasons brought me here. For one, there was an opportunity for me to personally come on board with a young, enthusiastic company. I am excited to position myself on a national platform to represent Origins across the country and elsewhere and to be a voice for quality care in the Addiction Treatment Industry.


What have you learned through your experience working in treatment?

We must educate families, physicians, and others that “substance use disorder” is a brain disease. We need to create a team approach — from both a treatment and a family perspective — to convince loved ones to accept the help, which will in turn sustain recovery.


If there were only one thing you could tell us about working in the area of treatment, what would it be?

I love working with people from all walks of life. I have a special place in my heart for Baby Boomers, Older Adults and their families.


Do you hold any credentials or certifications, or do you participate in any other professional activities outside of work?

I am currently a LADC-1 (Licensed Alcohol & Drug Counselor) with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and a CIP (Certified Intervention Professional), which is nationally recognized and governed by a Pennsylvania Board. Im also the President of the foundation established through the private practice I founded: Lynch Wellness & Recovery Foundation.


Are you in recovery yourself? If so, what do you love most about being in recovery? 

I have been a sober man for the past 31 years!! If you stay the course and continue to grow in mind, body and spirit, then the “Promises” do come true.


What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? Do you have any pets or engage in special hobbies?  

I am a singer/songwriter. I currently have two songs available on iTunes, which are songs related to my life and recovery.  A third song, “Valhalla,” will soon be up on iTunes. Also, I am currently working on completing an “EP.” I enjoy sports: tennis, jogging and golf, and I love to dance!!



Is there anything else you might like to share? 

I am very lucky and grateful to have a wonderful life and family. When we’re together, we are a lot of fun!!