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MAP Program

Supporting addicts, alcoholics and their families on their journey of recovery

map MAP Recovery Support has created the Origins MAP Program, a 12 month post-discharge recovery support system created specifically for Origins that facilitates the family and patient’s transition from in-patient treatment into a new life of recovery.

This is provided at NO COST for every admitting patient.


There is a Solution. Let MAP show you the way.

The MAP Program is here because tackling addiction requires more than just willpower; it’s a continuous process of support, maintenance, and structure. Our focus is on identifying behaviors which can lead to relapse and providing informed, compassionate support, so the addict can make the changes necessary to prevent a return to the desperate life of using and its consequences.

The phone and video conference-based MAP Program is unlike any other recovery support program in existence today. It utilizes highly trained Peer Recovery Support Specialists and clinically developed, algorithm-driven software to guide and support each client and their family. We work with the addict and their family to identify relapse behaviors and provide the support they both need. The highly trained MAP Specialist has the insight, wisdom, and training to help both addict and family members navigate the difficult stages of early recovery. Our goal is to help the addict and the family transition to a balanced, healthy life.


The MAP Specialist        

Each Addict is assigned a MAP Specialist to help guide and support them on their journey through weekly phone sessions. The Specialists are all 3+ years into their own long term recovery. Their primary goals are to support the addict and to watch for early signs of a relapse so that they can help the addict to course correct before a slip occurs. Long term post treatment support greatly improves the odds of staying sober, and an ongoing relationship with someone in long-term recovery is a powerful resource.



MAP has developed algorithm-driven software which allows us to collect and analyze data on every person we work with. This data enables us to more effectively track the progress that each of our cases is making, and to see which areas are doing well and which need attention.


The Benefits of Remote Recovery Support

The beauty of the MAP Program’s remote recovery support is that it allows us to be there for the addict and their family wherever life takes them – in a convenient, supportive way. From treatment to sober living, from sober living back home, to school or work, the MAP Program is there to help the addict and their family recognize and avoid the pitfalls these transitions present.

Being able to connect to others in sobriety is central to developing solid personal recovery. The MAP Program provides a way for both the addict and their family to develop and maintain that connection. By providing remote support, the MAP Program offers uninterrupted connection and guidance, which is vital to early recovery.


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