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MAP Recovery Support

Supporting addicts, alcoholics and their families on their journey of recovery




MAP Recovery Support has created Origins MAP Recovery Support program, a 12 month post-discharge recovery support system created specifically for Origins that facilitates the family and patient’s transition from in-patient treatment into a new life of recovery.

This is provided at NO COST for every admitting patient.


MAP Recovery Support 

Map Recovery Support is here because tackling addiction requires more than just willpower; it’s a continuous process of support, maintenance, and structure. The program provides much-needed guidance and support to addicts and alcoholics during the first 12 months of their recovery. This additional support can make the difference between relapse and long-term recovery.


Our focus is on identifying behaviors which can lead to relapse and providing informed, compassionate support, so the addict can make the changes necessary to live a sustainable, sober life.


MAP’s phone and video conference-based support is unlike any other recovery support program in existence today. It utilizes highly trained Recovery Advocates and clinically developed, algorithm-driven software to guide and support each client and their family. We work with the addict and their family to identify relapse behaviors and provide the support they both need. The highly trained MAP Specialist has the insight, wisdom, and training to help both addict and family members navigate the difficult stages of early recovery. Our goal is to help the addict and the family transition to a balanced, healthy life.


The Benefits of Remote Recovery Support

The beauty of MAP’s phone and web-based support is that we can be there for you and your loved one wherever life takes you – in a convenient, supportive way. As you or your loved one moves from treatment to sober living, from sober living back home, returning to school or work, MAP Recovery Support is there to help recognize and avoid the pitfalls these transitions can present. By providing remote support, MAP offers uninterrupted connection and guidance, which is vital to early recovery.


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