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How did our family arrive at this point?

Denial is one of the chief symptoms of the family disease of alcoholism. Some of us deny our family members have a problem while others are all too willing to pass the blame and deny our own participation until a crisis emerges.

How can I best support my loved one?

As we learn more about productive coping tools through interaction with other families, we become better able to face what is going on in our own families. As we develop healthy skills that address our needs, we see how we can support our loved ones.

What is addiction?

Addiction is a chronic, progressive disease characterized by dysfunction in brain circuitry that leads to a pathological pursuit of reward and/or relief by substance abuse and other behaviors.

Why focus on me when I am not the patient?

Our Family Program operates from the clinical belief that each family member has been impacted by addiction.

What is the rationale for group therapy?

By exploring the family dynamics of others we are able to ask questions and share our thoughts and feelings more openly. With the absence of anger, resentment, fear and sadness, we can see how objective dialogue assists both patients and families in understanding the many different perspectives of this disease.

Why do I have to come?

Your involvement and engagement in this therapeutic process directly affects the outcome of your loved one’s treatment.

Which days are the most important for me to be there?

Each day is extremely important and builds upon the previous one. We require you to commit to full participation for all of the consecutive days to maximize your benefit while minimizing disruption to others.

How can I get access to a staff member if I have a problem?

Please feel free call us with any questions at any time. 561-841-1296.


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