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About Our Family Programs

Anyone who belongs to a family knows that when one member of the family is sick or in crisis, the entire family is affected. At Origins, we know that a patient’s prospects for recovery significantly improve when the family is involved in the process. Our Family Programs provide dedicated support for those with loved ones in addiction treatment.

Addiction is a disease that ravages the entire family system.

Our Family Clinical Philosophy is rooted in this understanding. Not only is the suffering person scared, frustrated, and hopeless but so are their concerned family members and friends. Addiction means sleepless nights spent waiting for him or her to come home and horrible arguments that keep the home in turmoil. Family and friends are frequently met with anger when suggesting their loved one seek help. Effective treatment programs can bridge this divide and get your family moving in a healthy direction.

Origins’ Family Program offers multi-day immersions which explore the disease of addiction and how it affects the entire family.

During the Five-Day Family Program at Hanley Center at Origins in Florida and the virtual Origins’ Family Healing Program at Origins Recovery Center and Hannah’s House in Texas, various approaches will help families understand addiction and begin to identify the dynamics within the family that may contribute to ongoing addiction.

Origins’ Family Program provides:

  • A confidential group environment
  • Therapeutic, family-oriented support
  • The tools to heal and regain a sense of better life
  • Open discussions in a safe, supportive environment
  • A new perspective on how to cope with the challenges of addiction recovery
  • Guided communication between family members and loved ones

Your family doesn’t have to do this alone. Our Family Program provides a lifeline for recovery support. It is offered free of charge to all families of patients in Origins’ treatment programs.

Family Program FAQ

Florida Multi-Day Family Program

The first step in the midst of the initial crisis to find help for the identified patient to address the addiction. The remainder of the system, the support network, will experience preliminary relief in the belief that “the problem” is now being addressed and resolved. The question of the crisis, “How did we get here?” quickly dissipates. It is here that the second intervention must occur; the intervention with the family system. Without including the family system in the treatment and recovery process, the opportunity for ongoing recovery is significantly diminished.


Family Program Offices for Hanley Center at Origins

Our offices are located at the Family & Outpatient Facility: 933 45th Street, West Palm Beach, Florida, 33407. Please do come to this location rather than our main campus.

From I-95, exit at 45th Street and then head east approximately two miles. Our building is on the left at the beginning of St. Mary’s campus.



Origins’ Family Healing Program™

Our Texas program for families takes place Wednesday through Saturday twice a month at The Family Building located at 4901 Padre Blvd, South Padre Island, TX 78597.

The hotel is easily accessible from two airports which serve the island:

  • Harlingen, Texas (50 minutes, by car) www.flythevalley.com

Valley International Airport (HRL) is the largest airport in the Rio Grande Valley. Website includes information on ground transportation to South Padre Island.

Brownsville/South Padre Island International Airport (BRO). Website includes information on ground transportation to South Padre Island.

Origins does not provide transportation to or from area hotels and airports. We recommend that you rent a vehicle for your private use. However, there are area shuttles and bus lines available to you. The airport websites provide information on ground transportation. Additional resources are:


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