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Age-and Gender-Specific/Gender-Separate Options

Age-specific and Gender-specific/Gender-separate Treatment

Our experience has shown that clients have better outcomes when grouped according to gender, stages of life, and personalities. Origins Behavioral HealthCare offers comprehensive, individualized treatment programs for early adults, adults, and young adults. We also offer compassionate gender-specific and gender-separate treatment for men and women. Our clinical team and admissions specialists take great care in prioritizing these facets of every individual to place each individual into a program that meets their individual needs.

Age-Specific Treatment

We understand the unique challenges each age group faces when battling addiction. We refrain from assigning specific age-ranges to any of our programs, we focus on our deep knowledge of life stages, allowing this to inform our placement decisions.

We offer programs for:

Gender-Separate and Gender-Specific Treatment 

Origins’ gender-separate and gender-specific treatment philosophy available at our Texas facilities is based on professional experience and clinical data that demonstrates the separation of men and women into their own milieus can substantially improve outcomes.

The men’s and women’s programs in our Florida locations are all gender-specific. Our adult and older adult residential programs are co-educational with gender-specific groups.

We offer programs that focus on:

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