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Why a Multi-Day Family Program?

The first step in the midst of the initial crisis to find help for the identified patient to address the addiction. The remainder of the system, the support network, will experience preliminary relief in the belief that “the problem” is now being addressed and resolved. The question of the crisis, “How did we get here?” quickly dissipates. It is here that the second intervention must occur; the intervention with the family system. Without including the family system in the treatment and recovery process, the opportunity for ongoing recovery is significantly diminished.

Family Involvement Is Welcome

Responses from family members may vary. Some are shocked or surprised that they have been identified as needing help and others may be angry and resistant to any new ideas. It is critical that family members hear the message that their involvement is welcome, but they deserve their own personal recovery as well. Helping families understand that participating in their own recovery improves their lives regardless of the patient’s choices is a fundamental message that must be conveyed and understood.

The intervention may vary from very subtle to very direct depending on the dynamics of the system. The initial response is usually “It’s not my problem” or “What and why are changes expected of me?” This is where psycho-education, conjoint sessions, and multi-family groups prove to be most effective.

Multi-day Family Programming

Participation in the intensive Origins Behavioral HealthCare’s Five-Day Family Program in Florida or the Four-Day Family Healing Program in Texas is critical to the long-term recovery success of loved ones in treatment. Addressing the ripple effects of addiction throughout the family is an integral component of restoring healthy methods of communication, levels of trust, degrees of intimacy and elements of self-care for each individual within the family unit.

Progressive By Design

Multiple, consecutive days are necessary because this particular component of the comprehensive recovery process for addiction is progressive by design. Insights from each previous day gradually build upon each other. In this way, participation in the daily curriculum equips each family member with the precise tools and resources needed to journey farther down the pathway of identifying the many personal effects they have experienced as a result of damaged relationships.

Each Origins’ daily session is facilitated by family counselors who are specialists in dealing with issues of addiction. Various modalities such as psycho-education, conjoint family sessions and the opportunity to participate in multi-family groups are utilized resulting in an effective and highly engaging experience.

Develop a Plan Together

The comprehensive, five-day curriculum in Florida and the four-day family experience in Texas are both designed to assist the identified Origins Behavioral HealthCare’s patient and family members in the development of a continuing care plan unique to their family’s needs. It is this care plan that will provide the bridge for transition from the safety of inpatient treatment to successful, long-term recovery.

Other family-centered approaches to recovery are available, such as Al-Anon. Please let us know if you have questions about what these 12-step recovery programs include.

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