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Positivity in the Struggle with Shea Barakatt

What is health? Is it just the absence of being sick or is there something more? What is freedom? Is it the absence of being locked up or is there something more?  What is peace? Is it simply the absence of conflict or is there something more? Welcome to the Something More hosted by Origins Behavioral Healthcare. 

In this episode, we are talking with Shea Barakatt LCSW, LCDC. Shea is the Clinical Director of Origins Counseling Dallas. She is an experienced Clinical Director with a demonstrated history of working in the mental health care industry. She has a master’s degree in clinical social work. She is also a licensed clinical dependency counselor. She is skilled in crisis intervention, family therapy, and case management. She came to Origins about two and a half months ago.  Prior to that Shea had been working in residential treatment centers since 2006. She was ready for a change in direction and the chance to use her creativity and talents in a different way. 

In this episode, Shea shares the journey of his own addiction, recovery, and how she became a social worker and clinical director. We talk about the importance of a positive mindset, viewing our struggles as gifts, and using our struggles to help us grow. We also talk about the stigma of postpartum depression and the importance of talking about it and realizing you are not alone in these struggles.  


Show Notes:

  • [00:56] We are excited to welcome Shea Barakatt, the Clinical Director of Origins Counseling.  
  • [03:05] There are many gifts that have come out of this pandemic. Shea has learned to do telehealth and hybrid options.
  • [03:56] Telehealth is exciting because they have the ability to help alcoholics and addicts everywhere. 
  • [05:20] With residential treatment you have access to the patients 24-hours a day, 7 days a week and you don’t have many of the outside distractions. 
  • [05:54] Sometimes the outside factors can contribute some really good information including family dynamics and issues. 
  • [06:51] Families and patients discount the concept of time. 
  • [07:32] For Shea, it is about connecting with her patients and their families.  
  • [08:27]  She is also in recovery and got sober in 2006. It has been a long journey for her. 
  • [11:14] Shea’s sobriety date is May 1st, 2006.  
  • [11:56] She always tries to have a positive mindset and likes to look at the positive aspect of struggles. 
  • [12:13] Change doesn’t happen when we are comfortable. We resist change and struggles. There is a gift in every struggle we have.   
  • [13:50] You are responsible for your own outcome.   
  • [15:44] She decided to go back to school for clinical social work when she witnessed the lack of care when her grandmother was dying.  
  • [17:43] Many women have stories about postpartum depression having a lasting effect and impact on their lives, but it is not talked about. 
  • [18:39] People don’t talk about postpartum depression because it is supposed to be such a joyful and happy time. 
  • [21:21] She is so grateful for her different experiences.  
  • [22:12] Shea loves working with new counselors and teaching them how to improve their skills and take care of themselves.  
  • [22:34] Her recovery comes first. She loves exercising and traveling. 
  • [23:40] Staying active and having a good support system is crucial.  
  • [24:39] We need people around us that will be honest with us and tell us the truth. 
  • [25:27] We often suffer in silence. You don’t have to suffer in silence, because you are not alone.  
  • [26:01] Look for the gift or benefit in the struggle. We grow through our struggles.  
  • [27:03] All of us are going to have hard times and struggles, but it is what we do with those that determine if we have grown or gotten stuck. 


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