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The Journey of Recovery with Jeff Jay

Posted on June 26, 2020


What is health? Is it just the absence of being sick or is there something more? What is freedom? Is it the absence of being locked up or is there something more?  What is peace? Is it simply the absence of conflict or is there something more? Welcome to the Something More hosted by Origins Behavioral Healthcare. 

In this episode, we are talking with interventionist and author Jeff Jay. Jeff Jay, CIP, is a renowned clinical interventionist and addiction specialist. He has been guiding families into recovery for over 30 years. His work has appeared on CNN, PBS, the Jane Pauley Show, Forbes Online, and in many professional journals. Jeff is the co-author (with Debra Jay) of the best-selling book Love First: A Family’s Guide to Intervention. His latest book is Navigating Grace, a solo voyage of survival and redemption. He is also the co-author of At Wit’s End: What You Need to Know When a Loved One Is Diagnosed with Addiction and Mental Illness, (with Jerry Boriskin Ph.D., Hazelden). He heads a national private practice that provides intervention and recovery mentoring services.

In this episode, Jeff shares the journey of his own addiction, recovery, and how he became an interventionist. We are talking about the dynamics of what it means to bring love and concern to somebody in order to help and encourage them to get well.  Jeff also shares the importance of handling tough situations with love.  

Show Notes:

  • [00:41] We are excited to welcome interventionist and author Jeff Jay. 
  • [01:22] Jeff is a clinical interventionist and works with families all over the country. 
  • [01:43] Jeff got into this industry because of his own addiction and recovery as a young man. Jeff shares his story.  
  • [03:09] After he had been sober for five years, he decided he wanted to do something different and he got his first full-time job as a counselor in a rehabilitation center.  
  • [05:11] When they started Love First, intervention was not a household word and the methods were ill-formed.  
  • [05:45] The more we understand addiction as a disease and not just somebody being bad, the more that the approach makes sense because it is all about dealing with people with a sense of dignity and respect.  
  • [06:06] We really want to call people back to their authentic selves and reach for the heart. 
  • [06:32]  Addiction is a very different disease because there is a lot of complexity to it.  
  • [08:07] If we have to wait until they want help, what is going to make them want it?
  • [08:34] If they refuse help, then we need to make sure we are not doing anything that makes it worse like lending money.  
  • [10:30] There is a specific methodology that they have developed over the years that is more likely to break through to the authentic self of the addictive person and get them to the point of willingness.   
  • [12:33] Families go on a trip to the bottom with the alcoholic too.  
  • [12:46] We are not only calling the addictive person back to their authentic self, but we’re also bringing the family back to their own integrity and their own core beliefs.  
  • [13:48] No one thinks they’re going to go on this journey.  
  • [14:26] There are some situations where some separation may be necessary, but it is always done with love. 
  • [15:21] The brain is hijacked by alcoholism.  
  • [17:16] We all make mistakes and we can move on from here.  
  • [18:05] Recovery is a team sport.  How are we going to get organized as a family? 
  • [20:16] Jeff is a very technically minded person and built their website. 


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