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The Solution Doesn’t Change During the Holidays

The solution to alcoholism seems to change during the holiday season. It is not uncommon to attend a meeting where the topic is “how to stay sober during the holidays”. I would like to remind everyone of a simpler solution that has proven to work since the 1930’s.

1) Pray and meditate every morning and every evening

2) Write an evening review during your evening prayer and meditation time

3) Write inventory if you become resentful

4) Share your inventory with your sponsor or a fellow member of the Fellowship

5) Practice the tenth step outlined on page 84

6) Attend a meeting or two

7) Work with another alcoholic and be of service to others

8) Utilize the telephone and check in with your sponsor and other members of the Fellowship

These instructions have worked for me and many others regardless of the time of year. I bet they will work for you too. Happy Holidays!

-Chad Lentscher, Director of Alumni Services at Origins Recovery Center

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