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Sharing as Inspiration

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When we’re doing the work to recover, we can be deeply afraid of sharing our stories for fear of being judged or rejected. We have been met with so much criticism and judgment in the past, it can take us some time to get used to the idea of being received with openheartedness and understanding. Many of us share a fear of speaking in public, and that fear can be compounded exponentially when it comes to sharing personal information. How do we get to the point where we want to share ourselves and our stories with other people, both for their sake and for ours?

If we think of sharing not as a burdensome obligation but as a gift to the people with whom we’re sharing, we can be motivated by our desire to help other people. Addiction is an illness that isolates us and makes us feel alone and misunderstood. The more we can share with each other, the more guidance and inspiration we can provide for one another. When we hear another person’s story that touches us in a meaningful way, it often comes right when we need it, when we’re in a dark place and suffering. We need other people when we’re in this place. We need other people to help us feel less isolated and alone. We can be inspired and motivated by other people’s experiences. When we see firsthand how other people have survived their illnesses and come out on the other side, we can be uplifted and encouraged to continue our own work towards healing. We can take solace in the companionship of other people. When they share themselves with us, we can be comforted in our darkest times.

We can feel as though being asked to share is invasive of our privacy, so it’s important to share only if and when we feel comfortable doing so. Sharing when we’re not ready can add to our anxiety and can feel traumatizing. We should only share in spaces in which we feel safe. We want to feel supported and heard, and when we do, we feel more inclined to want to share ourselves with other people. We see how much we can be of service to other people who could benefit from hearing our stories and be inspired by them.

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