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Settling for Less?

by Tharin Smith, Lead Alumni Coordinator, Hanley Center at Origins

“He may not see at once that he has barely scratched a limitless lode which will pay dividends only if he mines it for the rest of his life and insists on giving away the entire product.” (Big Book, page 129)

What a wonderful and glorious promise this is to one that labored long and hard just to achieve a mediocre life at best. This is just one of the many promises that this spiritual program has delivered to me in the past 12 years. But these promises don’t just come to me and they’re certainly not owed to me. They are delivered to anyone that embraces and works for change to take place in their lives as well as developing a new attitude and commitment to no longer settle for less.

How often do we fall prey to the notion that being okay or being better than I was is good enough?

How many opportunities have we missed? How terribly short have we come to reaching, or for that matter realizing, what our potential really is? This, for me, is still the byproduct of my spiritual malady, which I can no longer afford nor wish for my life. For me to live happy, joyous and free, I can no longer “settle for less,” nor do I have to. I’ve been delivered to a place of wonder that gives me the utmost confidence and reassurance that more lays ahead. Much more.

Thank God that being a recovered person gives me the desire and drive to continue to grow in this lifestyle.

The definition of grow is “to become larger or greater over a period of time.” It means I am not settling for less – I simply refuse to. All I do is ask and rely on my Creator to reveal to me what my purpose is and the power to carry it out. That in itself is constant growth and never settling because it’s never-ending. How cool is that?

“Most of us feel we need look no further for Utopia. We have it with us right here and now.” (Big Book, page 16)

If you don’t settle for less, you will see that your own Utopia has no boundaries. Keep growing, keep striving, and keep giving for through giving you shall receive.

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