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Saying Yes To Life


If someone offered you a million dollars, chock free, without a single condition or attachment or tax to pay, would you take it? Your answer is probably yes, after you checked out every possible angle of a scam or scandal. What would you do with that million dollars? Chances are you’ve thought about it once or twice. You have a list of people you’d give some money to, some causes you’d donate to, some prize possessions you’d like to buy, and some investments you’d like to make in order to make your newfound fortune last. Somewhere in your mind, you have the thought that if someone were to hand you a million dollars chock free and you were to say yes to that million dollars, your life would improve.

Could it possibly be conceived that life is constantly handing us million dollar experiences but that we are constantly saying no? Of course, there aren’t literal checks for millions of dollars being handed to us all the time. However, the joy, improvement, and benefit we feel we might get out of life with a million more dollars we can find in everyday moments, every single day. We have opportunities to take a deep breath, connect with someone’s eyes, smile at a newborn child, or stop to smell the roses. We have the opportunity to overcome a challenge, to learn a new skill, or to walk through pain. Compared to the potential luxuries a million dollars might bring us, these small occurrences seem trivial. Many a mystic or wise man of a spiritual discipline would agree that the real luxury, the real wealth of life, awaits us in these small trivial moments. Yet, we turn away from these small riches in a desperate search for a greater wealth that we think will fulfill us. Inevitably, as human experience has shown, if we start saying “Yes” to life in all of its forms, if we start saying “Yes” to the million-dollar moments we are given daily, our lives become infinitely richer.

Sobriety offers us the chance to say Yes to life in the big moments and the little moments. We find that the more we say Yes to life, instead of drugs and alcohol, we become the richest people on earth.


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