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Saturday Spotlight Series – Dr. John Dyben

Posted on July 31, 2015


 Meet a Member of Our Origins’ Family

dybenJohn Dyben, DHSc, CAP, CMHP, ICADC – Director of Boomer and Older Adult Services

John’s extensive experience as an ordained minister, counselor, clinical manager, teacher and respected expert in the community-based mental health and wellness fields are reflected in his national presentations on a broad range of addiction, spirituality, and related topics. As an adjunct faculty member at Palm Beach State College and a faculty member of the Addiction Professionals Training Institute, John shares his expertise and leadership skills with the West Palm Beach community.


What brought you to Origins?

I have actually been with Hanley Center since July of 2004. I’ve developed a real love for this place and what we do here.  So, in these nearly 11 years, I have actually worked for four different companies without ever leaving this campus! When Hanley became part of the Origins’ family, I already knew and had good relationships with some key Origins’ staff. This made the decision to become part of this organization much easier.


If there were only one thing you could tell us about working with Baby Boomers and Older Adults, what would it be?

That I want to be able to tell you much more than one thing! However, if I have to limit to one thing, I would say this: it takes more time. The human body responds to drugs and alcohol (and the detoxification from these substances) differently as we age. Older adult patients need longer lengths of stay as well as a model of treatment that honors the realities of aging.


What have you learned through your experience working in treatment?

I have learned that the effort belongs to me and the results belong to God. When I look at the work I have done, the question is not whether or not I like all of the final results. The question I ask is “Did I do all that I could and should have done in my work with the clients, families, and staff put in front of me?”


Do you hold any credentials or certifications, or participate in any other professional activities outside of work?

I am a Florida Certified Addictions Professional, Florida Certified Mental Health Professional, DOT Qualified Substance Abuse Professional, MBTI Practitioner, FAA certified private pilot, and an ordained pastor.


What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? Do you have any pets or special hobbies? 

I am an avid fan of my family. As a husband and father of three, there is nothing more important or more enjoyable than spending time with my family. We love to do things together – especially anything that involves being on the water. I also love riding motorcycles and flying airplanes.

At the Center for Baby Boomer Recovery Origins’ mature adults in recovery engage with staff through coeducational living and individual and gender-specific group therapies. In an interactive approach that authentically addresses generational value systems and current life stressors, treatment becomes the catalyst of holistic health and energy. After a stabilizing detox and assessment, patients participate with their multidisciplinary treatment team in the development of a holistic treatment plan, setting realistic and achievable goals. Baby Boomers learn about the disease of addiction and its bio-neurological basis. With peer support, they participate in experiential, group and individual therapies. Psychological and psychiatric therapies also may be incorporated into a patient’s treatment plan based on clinical need. As patients progress further in their recovery, they will have the opportunity to attend off-site sober meetings.

At the Center for Older Adult Recovery individuals begin their recovery journey with a period of medically managed detoxification, stabilization, and a holistic assessment. A longer detox and a slower treatment process address physical, emotional, social, spiritual and cognitive issues and aging factors. Acute medical care is provided with 24/7 nursing care and on-staff physicians. The average length of stay for older adults is determined by individual stabilization and recovery progress. During treatment, specific issues related to older adults are addressed in group therapy. Clients participate in individual therapy, supportive peer interaction and psycho-education about the disease of addiction, which helps remove the stigma and barriers to recovery. A “Sober Seniors” support group, one of the largest of its kind in the country, is held weekly at Hanley Center at Origins.


For more information regarding the Centers for Baby Boomer and Older Adult Recovery where Dr. John Dyben works, please visit: www.originsrecovery.com.