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Riding for the Brand

by Myers Raymer, Alumni Support (and 12 Step Cowboy)
Myers the Cowboy, as drawn by twin brother, Chris Raymer




In the old days (think cowboys and big ranches), folks use to ride for a particular ranch and all loyalties and efforts were for that ranch. They called it “riding for the brand”, which meant that you sort of lived and died by that brand. As an avid reader of western novels, this idea has always appealed to me.

I know what “riding for the brand” feels like because I’ve spent the last five years riding for the brand that was pioneered by the Levenson family and it’s been my very great honor to do so. I’ve had the privilege of watching hundreds and hundreds of men and women get free and clear of the deadliest of diseases – addiction.

It’s been the coolest thing to work with Origins staff unified behind a core belief in the 12 Steps and the transformative experience that results out of that work.

I think that most of us who have worked in this industry have been quick to see that there are a LOT of different ideas of what recovery looks like and how to go about it – some based on science, some on experience and some based on – well, I’m still trying to figure out what some of it is based on. Since I first heard of the possibility of a new owner in the wings, I’ve been hypervigilant in wanting to maintain the commitment to Origins’ Big Book-based brand of recovery.

As most folks know, when it comes to the 12 Steps, I totally hate compromise. When it was officially announced that we would be working with the Rowlings, I knew we wouldn’t have to compromise the message we carry.

I’m excited that the horizon with our new “ranch owner” is painted with solid 12 Step recovery – the sort of recovery that those of us at Origins know and love and have confidence in. (How ’bout an AMEN!?) I’ve known some of the Rowling family in Dallas, and I can say without reservation that they are a family of real integrity and have always had an honest commitment to helping others… my kind of folks!

Here is to our new ranch owners and the folks that ride for our brand! 

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