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Restored Path Detox is Coming Soon to the Dallas-Fort…

Origins Behavioral HealthCare is pleased to announce the launch of its premier medical detox facility for the Dallas, Fort Worth, and surrounding metro areas. Restored Path Detox will open its doors on August 1st, 2022. This tailored program will serve as a sanctuary of recovery from all types of substance use and will meet the critical local need for a standalone, state-of-the-art detoxification facility.


With an emphasis on providing the ultimate in comfort and privacy, Restored Path Detox features 24/7 medical supervision and a compassionate team of medical professionals and clinicians with years of withdrawal management experience. Upscale amenities will include spacious private and semi-private rooms, flat-screen televisions, private bathrooms, queen-size beds, gourmet meals provided by local restaurants, and inviting common spaces, including an outdoor courtyard. In addition, patients will enjoy cable, high-speed Wi-Fi, and access to their electronics and cellular phones, as clinically appropriate.


Jim Caldwell, Origins Behavioral HealthCare’s CEO, is passionate about business ventures that positively impact peoples’ lives and is excited that Restored Path Detox will play a critical role in helping patients and their families recover from the hopelessness of addiction.


Caldwell says, “Based on our experience treating individuals in the DFW metroplex with substance use disorders, we realized there was a great need for a free-standing medical detox facility. Detox is often the first step in an individual’s recovery journey. Restored Path Detox will safely detox patients in a comfortable residential setting and provide initial therapy designed to ensure the patient continues on their path to wellness. We look forward to collaborating with our many colleagues in the treatment professions as we provide their patients with high-quality medical and clinical care.”


The facility works with most major insurance companies to offer detox from all types of substances, including alcohol, heroin, cocaine, suboxone, opioids, methadone, benzodiazepines, crystal meth and stimulants, Ambien, and other drugs.


Alison Watros is the Executive Director of Restored Path Detox. Before this role, she served as the Executive Director of Origins Counseling, founder and CEO of Windhaven House, and co-founder of Windhaven Counseling Center. She has a passion for helping people sustain long-term recovery from substance use disorders and has over twenty years of experience in the field.


Watros says, “The process of healing starts when a decision is made to get help. Supportive withdrawal management at the detox level of care is crucial for the healing process, and our caring medical and clinical teams are dedicated to meeting people where they are and guiding them forward. We are passionate about recovery and will offer an inviting, recovery-oriented option for detox. I am excited that we are introducing this much-needed resource to our local community and the entire Restored Path team looks forward to setting patients on a path for long-term success.”

About Restored Path Detox — An Origins Behavioral HealthCare Facility

The experts at Restored Path Detox have decades of experience in withdrawal management from a wide range of addictive substances. We leverage evidence-based medical care in a tranquil environment to deliver care that helps patients feel at home. Regardless of background, medical history, or the substances used, we can help you safely and comfortably overcome withdrawal complications. Our multidisciplinary team also provides support for co-occurring disorders and co-morbid medical conditions for patients of all ages, including younger, middle-aged, and older adults. We work with most major insurance providers and are conveniently located in the Dallas Metroplex.

For more information about the grand opening of Restored Path Detox or to attend our Open House on July 26th, call 1.855.740.4673. All calls are free and confidential.

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