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Myers Raymer

Alumni Support

Untitled-1Sober since January 15th, 1988, Myers has spent the last 16 years traveling worldwide as a lecturer for 12-Step recovery groups. This experience led to his current role at Origins where he has worked for the past three years. Back in the ‘70s Myers trained as a bookbinder and a book restorer. He served as a conservationist for museums and libraries and owned Raymer Bookbindery, Inc. until just last year. He realized he missed the work so he recently opened another smaller bindery doing restorations on recovery books. Married for 33 years, Myers’ other passions include being a private pilot, a blacksmith and a bee-keeper.

Myers Raymer speaking engagements

March 16-18, 2018 
Southern Maryland Roundup (w/Chris Raymer)
Solomons, MD

April 20-23, 2018 
FOTSGA (w/Chris Raymer)
Atlanta, GA

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